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Chiang Rai Night Bazaar

By Wilbur Suen

Chiang Rai Night Bazaar is located near the bus terminal on Prasopsuk Phaholyothin Road. It is also the place to see and experience the Lanna culture.


The first thing that caught my attention was this Black Sesame Rice. I have never seen this before in Thailand and I just had to try it.


The rice cake is filled with brown sugar and wrapped in banana leaves.


It was an interesting eat. There was actually no taste of black sesame and I could only taste the brown sugar.


Throughout your walk, you will see Lanna souvenirs such as scarves and bags.




Coconut Balls! You definitely have to try this. The coconut water was sweet and you can easily bite off the coconut flesh after you are done drinking the water. Must buy!!!



You can find a food court and a food garden at the back of the night bazaar.



Every night, students from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University perform Lanna folk performances.

Photos taken with Fujifilm X-T10

[Chiang Rai] Chiang Rai Night Bazaar

Wilbur Suen

Wilbur Suen

AroiMakMak.com is the brainchild of Wilbur Suen. He is based in Singapore but loves Bangkok so much that he keeps returning. He loves travelling, eating, technology and has high standards for them. In his free time, he will be sourcing for new places to visit so that he can document and share. Try to catch him in Bangkok eating local dishes, enjoying aromatherapy spa or chilling at a rooftop bar.

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