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T.I.T. Thai Iced Tea – Dual Thai Milk Tea in one bottle!

By Andrea Ee

T.I.T. Thai Iced Tea. With such a quirky name, this Thai Iced Tea store is sure to catch tons of attention. I went down to their outlet at Centropod see what they had to offer and I was not disappointed.


The answer to all my problems, this is the absolute perfect drink for the indecisive me. The struggle is real whenever you have to decide between getting Thai milk tea or Thai green milk tea. This bottle has to be my latest obsession. I don’t have to choose just one flavour or convince someone to order and split drinks with me. I love this.


You can choose to drink each flavour separately or shake it up and mix them together. I wanted to have it all so I started by drinking them separately but eventually, I mixed it up and drank them together. I loved it either way.


The lid can be twisted easily to switch between flavours and I really love the concept of this bottle.


T.I.T.s come in pairs is how they like to describe this drink.


T.I.T. Thai Iced Tea provides free delivery for orders of 10 bottles and above which really makes them a perfect choice for events.


If you head down to their outlet at Centropod, you can have a seat and enjoy your drink(s).


Centropod is located at Joo Chiat. There isn’t a place to have a meal here but there is the Geylang Serai nearby.


The Centropod mall is quite empty as most of the units there only open by appointment. I would also recommend you give them a call before heading down as they may be out for delivery. They can be reached at 90686264.



If you are having a drink at their outlet, you get to choose your preferred cup size. They play around with words naming their cup sizes by alphabets A, B and C instead of the usual small, medium and large. I think this was a really smart idea and it adds even more personality to their already fun brand.


They do not mass produce and store their drinks so when you place an order, your tea is made fresh.


This is the Thai Milk Tea in a B cup. At the back, you can see them making more tea for us. T.I.T. is relatively young being only a year old. Everything is run by 2 girls, from shop operations to deliveries and events. Carmen is Singaporean and Nan is Thai.


But of course, one is never enough, so ordered a Thai green milk tea as well. After all, T.I.T.s normally come in a pair.


Apart from the usual Cha yen and Cha Kiaw, they also have Thai Iced Coffee, Lemongrass Thai Iced Tea and even Thai “Bandung.” Something I really want to try on my next visit is the Thai Pandan Drink.


Apart from drinks, they also have imported Thai tidbits that are very popular.


They were out of the Thai Lays that day but look at all these other goodies. If you are a fan of Thai snacks or snacks in general, do check out our 18 MUST TRY Bangkok Snacks post.


Something new they have been working on is Thai Tea capsules for those of you with Nespresso machines. You’ll be able to make your own Thai Tea at home, how awesome is this? They will be at Artbox this weekend and all this will be available there.

[Singapore] T.I.T. Thai Iced Tea

Andrea Ee

Andrea Ee

It is easy to spot this tiny Singaporean girl in a crowd. You may notice her unconventional unicorn like hair colour or maybe you just heard her squealing over some cute dog, cheap clothes or good food. Andrea loves having fun, being different and taking on new adventures which she documents on Instagram @vexdrea. When she is not working, she is probably at church, shopping at some thrift store or exploring some other country.

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