It’s Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, SG50!  As we look back today, there are really many things to be grateful for, especially with what we have right now in Singapore. We should not take it for granted and should be thankful, especially to Singapore’s founding father, late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. With his vision, he brought Singapore from a third world country to a first world country!

I’m blessed to be born in this beautiful city called Singapore. Yes, for those who don’t know, I’m a Singaporean even though my website promotes Bangkok and Thailand. Bangkok is the favourite destination of many Singaporeans and is created to help Singaporeans plan a good trip to Bangkok, even though it is actually useful for everyone who understand English. Well, back to topic – NDP!

National Day Parade will always feature a new theme song and there are some that are very so easy to sing along and well-loved by Singaporeans. Here are my top 10 favourite NDP theme songs!

#1 – 1984 Stand Up for Singapore

#2 – 1986 Count On Me Singapore

#3 – 1987 We Are Singapore

#4 – 1990 One People, One Nation, One Singapore

#5 – 1998 Home by Kit Chan

#6 – 1999 Together by Evelyn Tan  & Dreamz FM

#7 – 2001 Where I Belong by Tanya Chua

#8 – 2002 We Will Get There by Stephanie Sun

#9 – 2003 One United People  by Stephanie Sun

#10 – 2006 My Island Home by Kaira Gong

2015 Theme Song is Our Singapore by JJ Lin

My #1 Favourite is still…

What’s your favourite NDP Song? :)


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