#1 Things to Check Before You Leave House

#1 Passport

Double-check and make sure you bring along your passport before leaving your house.

#2 Pen

You need to fill in immigration forms, so don’t forget to bring them!

#3 Dress light, remove anything metal

If possible, don’t wear a belt or sweater because you will need to remove them when going through checks at the immigration.

#4 Headrest Pillow & Blanket

Going for a long flight? A pillow and blanket will ensure you have a better sleep on board!

#5 Headphone Adapter

Need some soothing music or prefer using your own headphone or earpiece? Ensure that you bring the adapter out!

#2 At The Airport, pamper yourself at the lounge!

Lounge?!? Yes, don’t you envy business travellers, especially those who always have special access to lounges? Well, now you can also experience it for yourself with Priority Pass!

Priority Pass is the world’s original and largest independent lounge membership program, which allows you to access 1000+ lounges in over 500 cities and 130 countries worldwide.

Do I need to fly with a full-service carrier?

It doesn’t regard the airline or tickets you hold. You can fly with budget airlines and still enjoy the lounge.

Since I’m flying out from Singapore, I headed to the SATS Premier Lounge, which won Priority Pass 2017 lounge of the year award Asia Pacific.


How do I get in?

Download the Priority Pass App and sign up for the membership. Upon arrival at the lounge, just open the app and pass it to the counter staff to scan and you are in! Getting in is so easy with the digital membership because I don’t have to carry an additional card.


Time to put down my bags first!


What’s so special about lounges?

In the lounge, I get to sit in comfort and use the free WIFI provided. There’s no need to roam around the airport in hopes of finding an available seats.

There are also shower and spa facilities, definitely great for transit passengers!


Checking out the food offerings here!


There’s some buffet style food, cheese, instant noodles and sandwiches. Guess what I’m going to get!


This is the most unique item here in the lounge. Singapore’s famous Laksa! Thankfully, it’s not that spicy!


Oh, there’s free wine and beer too! Don’t worry, there’s also non-alcoholic beverages and coffee. Let me get some wine and head back to my comfortable chair!


What an enjoyment!


I found some childhood biscuits and found myself munching on them non-stop.


OSIM massage chairs!


Being a massage lover, I definitely needed this! The massage chair impresses me, as the massage is really quite strong.


After surfing too much Facebook and Instagram with the free WIFI provided, I needed to recharge my phone before flying, else I won’t be able to enjoy my songs on flight later!

Guess where I’m heading? Bangkok of course!

#3 Take a taxi out of the airport!

First thing first, take a taxi out of Suvarnabhumi Airport from the taxi stand! I don’t recommend squeezing on the Airport Rail Link so taxi is the most convenient way out! You can of course call an Uber / Grab but high chances are that they will call you to confirm the pickup location which might be a hassle when you just want to get out fast!


After checking in to the hotel, time to head out for some good food!  

#4 Try Thailand’s famous Curry Crab!


Singapore is known for its chilli crab but in Thailand, you must try their curry crab! The most popular place to get it from is definitely from Somboon Seafood!

If you travel like a royalty to Bangkok means that you are likely a frequent traveller and so you won’t need to shop! All you need is relaxation and pampering! So,

#5 Head out to Hua Hin and enjoy the beach!

Head out to Hua Hin for about 2 days to enjoy the beach. It’s something you will not get in Bangkok.


Seenspace Hua Hin is currently the most beautiful place to chill out! It’s no wonder you can see so many pretty girls here taking photos and selfies! Come here from about 4pm and chill all the way till sunset. Don’t forget to order their nachos with cheese because it’s so delicious.

#6 Enjoy some afternoon tea at The Tea House


The Tea House at FN Outlet is another good place for afternoon tea. Enjoy the luscious high greenery installations over their afternoon tea set, which consist of some delectable pastries.

#7 Continue with a premium afternoon tea at the new Divana Cafe

When back in Bangkok, check out a new café by Divana.


Located in Central World, it’s such a beautiful place to catch up with your friends over a beautiful afternoon tea set. Don’t forget to take more photos and videos.


#8 Craving for some Dim Sum?


The best Grilled BBQ Pork Bun in Bangkok has to be from Hong Bao Restaurant. IMO, it’s even better than the one Michelin-starred restaurant!

#9 Time for a final spa pampering!

The last item to do before heading back to Singapore is to go for a spa! Since you have already enjoyed your holiday like a royalty, just go for a luxury spa treatment at one of Thailand’s best spa. And I will recommend Divana Nurture Spa for the 2-4 hours of pampering!


You will come out feeling recharged, ready for any challenges in Singapore!

#10 Pamper yourself one last time at the lounge!

Suvarnabhumi Airport is so congested nowadays and it’s hard to find a quiet spot or restaurant. So it makes lots of sense to head to their Miracle First Class Lounge. Will I get first class service and food? Let’s see!


Checking-in was a breeze. I just had to open up my Priority Pass App and pass it to the staff.  Not to mention, they have multilingual customer service provided too!


Oh wow, when you enter the lounge, you will be impressed with the décor. The staff brought me in and asked me if it was my first time here. She then introduced me the various facilities here, in Thai hospitality.

prioritypass_bkk_miraclelounge5 prioritypass_bkk_miraclelounge3

I ordered Thai Chicken Rice and Fried Kway Teow to fill my stomach since I didn’t have much for lunch.


Before my flight, I went to had a quick shower to freshen myself up. Upon entering, I was impressed by the private shower room, which was the same standard as those in 5 star hotels. So comfortable!

Want to pamper yourself too? Head over to Priority Pass to sign up for their membership, allowing you access to lounges 24 hours a day. (Fans of AroiMakMak.com will get  15% off from the link above)


This post is brought to you by Priority Pass.