We all love buying snacks for our family and friends when we travel. There are so many choices for us but here’s 18 Must Try Bangkok Snacks, which we thought you should check out! Taste is subjective, so watch the video  here to see which snacks are worth trying! We got 3 teams of 2 and you just have to see their reactions to all these snacks!


#1 Almond Tulies


Almond Tulies is made from Almond Flour and it is a very light, crispy and thin snack. Every piece melts in your mouth and if you love the taste of it, it will become a very addictive snack.

Where To Buy? > Thai Bakeries, Lin Zhen Xiang Yaowarat

#2  Khanom Phing (Thai Kueh Bangkit)


Khanon Phing is a Thai style Kueh Bangkit. Kueh Bangkit is known for it’s soft and melt-in-your-mouth texture. The thai version is a little crispy on the outside and has a slightly stronger coconut taste to it.

Where To Buy? >  Thai Bakeries

#3  Koh Kae Shrimp Flavoured Peanuts


Koh Kae is Thailand’s favourite peanut snack. Peanut are coated in coconut cream-based crisp making it a snack that can be enjoyed anytime. It comes in various flavour such as Tom Yum, BBQ, Wasabi, Shrimp and Chicken.

Where To Buy? > Supermarket (Thai Gourmet and Big C) and  Convenience Stores

#4  Squidy Baked Cuttlefish


We usually find Baked Cuttlefish during Chinese New Year celebrations. Most of the time, the easy ones to find are the softer ones. For those who like a crispy version, you will love this.

Where To Buy? > Big C

#5  Manora Fried Shrimp Chips


Thai Shrimp Chips are different from the normal keropok that we are used to. Thai Shrimp chips has more spices such as garlic and pepper in it giving it a stronger taste. I personally prefer Thai shrimp chips because they are more delicious!

Where To Buy? > Big C

#6  Doi Kham Dehydrated Mangoes


Most of us are familiar with Dried Mangoes but with many new fruits becoming a dehydrated snack, it is not surprising to see a mango version. It may be softer than many Thai fried mango that you can find but the taste may not appeal to everybody.

Where To Buy? > Thai Gourmet Market

#7  Cushy Banana Chips


I have tried many Banana Chips from Thailand before. Many were hard, the taste was not as delicious but Cushy Banana Chips were on point for me. The chips were light and soft and I love the honey flavour for this banana chips. Now, my whole family fell in love with this!

Where To Buy? > During Exhibitions

#8  Lays Honey Butter Chips


Honey Butter Chips became a big-hit in Seoul (South Korea) and it’s not surprising to see different brands coming up with their own variation. Lays Thailand have been coming up with many interesting flavours and this was definitely one of the new popular flavours.

Where To Buy? > Supermarket (Thai Gourmet and Big C) and  Convenience Stores

#9  Singha Korean Squid Seaweed


Singha, the popular Thai Beer brand don’t only sell beer but they sell several different kinds of snack. This Thai Seaweed snack is a crispy version.

Where To Buy? > Supermarket (Thai Gourmet and Big C) and  Convenience Stores

#10  Tao Kae Noi Seaweed


Tao Kae Noi is the first brand to make seaweed popular in Thailand and it was then exported to many countries. It comes with many flavours and variations now to suit your tastebuds.

Where To Buy? > Supermarket (Thai Gourmet and Big C) and  Convenience Stores

#11  Bento Spicy Cuttlefish


Bento Spicy Cuttlefish is only for those who take spicy food. It makes a good TV snack as it’s addictive. Once you start, you can’t stop unless you can’t take the spice.

Where To Buy? >  Supermarket (Thai Gourmet and Big C) and  Convenience Stores

#12  Coconut Sweet with Peanut


This is not something you can find easily but since coconut is so well known in Thailand, it makes sense to try their coconut sweet which comes with peanut.

Where To Buy? >  Special  Traditional Sweet Stores

#13 Tom Yum Crisp


Inside this small pack is filled with cashew nuts, shrimps and tom yam. It gives you a flavourful taste with a mix of textures.

Where To Buy? >  Supermarket (Thai Gourmet and Big C)

#14  Milk Tablet Candy


This is Thailand’s version of Horlicks candy. It shape and texture is exactly the same but the flavour is not. You can get either the milk or milk chocolate version in Thailand.

Where To Buy? >  Supermarket (Thai Gourmet and Big C)

#15  Tom Yum Rice Crackers


Rice Crackers alone doesn’t taste good so you need some flavours in it. Tom Yum Rice Crackers is easily one of my favourite snack when I’m not feeling heaty.

Where To Buy? >  Supermarket (Thai Gourmet)

#16  Egg Roll with Silky Pork Flossmusttrybangkoksnacks-eggrollwithsilkyporkfloss

This definitely makes a good Chinese New Year snacks. It’s actually a combination of love letters and pork floss.

Where To Buy? >  Supermarket (Thai Gourmet and Big C) and speciality stores

#17  Hi-Chew Lemon Sours


We are all familiar with Hi-Chew candy and this new flavour definitely stands out with the bright yellow. It really taste like air freshener but it’s just delicious. Try it for your own!

Where To Buy? >  7 Eleven Shops

#18  Pocky


Everybody brings back boxes of Pocky from Thailand. With so many flavours to choose from, you are really spoilt for choices.

Where To Buy? >  Supermarket (Thai Gourmet and Big C) and speciality stores


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