Looking for  a place to take a break from a tiring day out on the streets of Insadong?  Sit back and relax as you wind down at this traditional teahouse hidden in the narrow alleys of Insadong.


Be welcomed by lush greenery when you take a step into this beautiful rustic teahouse that’s well preserved over the years; you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another realm!



On the front porch, you’ll notice plant pots covering the area of the entrance.  The ambience of the teahouse  really does exude positivity and good vibes.


You can decide to sit outdoors where it would be nice and breezy especially during Spring or indoors where it is fully air conditioned!


This teahouse is especially advanced  as it caters to the needs of their customers who want  to charge their phones while on the go. These electric sockets can be found at every corner of the teahouse, making it very convenient for patrons to use.


With a list of herbal teas to choose from, we were spoilt for choice because the different teas, apart from its taste, also have different health benefits! Taste might be subjective and the mixture can be a little too strong depending on which tea you order.


Jujube Tea – Known as one of their top sellers, the Jujube is a Chinese date that helps with Constipation, Insomnia, and Anxiety. Although not entirely scientifically proven, this tea is known to be effective for some. Taste-wise, the tea is thick and its herbal flavour is considered quite strong as it also comes with an aftertaste. It’s served to your liking; hot or cold. In my case, I had it cold because of the unbearable heat  outside.


Mulberry Tea  – This tea had a sweeter note to it compared to the Jujube Tea. Made up of minerals and antioxidants, Mulberry Tea is believed to help with lowering blood glucose levels and reducing bad cholesterol. It also has anti-inflammatory effects!


Along with the teas served, the set comes with Grilled Tteok (Grilled Rice Cake) that’s sprinkled with almonds, glutinous rice flour and drizzled with syrup. I especially like the Grilled Tteok here because it was something different from the usual tteok you can find on the streets. This time round, the tteok was thicker than usual. It was crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. A great snack to munch on in the winter seasons!


Overall, I would recommend coming here if you’re looking to experience and be in touch with Korea’s traditional culture and heritage. It truly is a secret haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

[Seoul] 47th Avenue Tea House