Lazy to plan? Don’t know how to plan? Perhaps your dream came true today! The highly requested 4D3N Bangkok Itinerary for Shopping! It’s only suitable for females and definitely not for the faint-hearted! Specially curated for hardcore shoppers!

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Day 1 (Thursday)

#1 Reach Bangkok early!

I suggest you take the early morning flight into Bangkok, so that you are able to make full use of your  time there.

Also, be there on a weekend because that’s where you can make the most out of your trip.

#2 Buy Prepaid SIM Card


If you already have one (e.g From Changi Recommends at Changi Airport), you can skip this and save 15-20 minutes of your time. >>Check out Prepaid SIM Card

#3 Quickly leave the airport!

If you are in Survanabhumi Airport and want to save on travel, you can take the Airport Rail Link which costs 45 baht.

However, if you have 4 pax, it is much more convenient to take the taxi, as the cost adds up to be about the same. As always, I always recommend using


#4 Check-In Hotel

Some hotels allow early check-in depending on room availability. Nevertheless, leave your bags there and head out ASAP! If you are planning for a shopping trip to Bangkok soon, compare for the best hotel rates here!

#5 Lunch Time!


If you don’t really care about lunch and just want to fill your stomach quick, Platinum Fashion Mall Food Court is a good choice for you!

If you want something better and delicious, at Pee’Aor in Phetchaburi Soi 5, they have really good Tom Yum Noodles! >>Check out Pee’Aor Tom Yum Goong Noodles

#6 Shopping in Pratunam Market and Platinum Fashion Mall


Pratunam is a fashion district and you definitely will leave with something.

The Pratunam market (outdoor) offers a cheaper price but you might not like the shopping environment.

Fret not because you can simply head over to Platinum Fashion Mall which is air-conditioned. I don’t recommend shopping in Platinum on Fri, Sat and Sun due to the crowds. Hence, get it over and done with on the first day in Bangkok! If you finish early, you might want to head over to Big C (opposite Central World) to buy some tidbits to munch in the night?

#7 Back to hotel to unload

By 7pm, you should be done with shopping. Head back to hotel and unload your loot! Rest a little before heading out again for dinner.

#8 Dinner at Yaowarat Chinatown


A good time to go Yaowarat is about 8pm when traffic might ease a little.

Many drivers will refuse to send you there. But as always, there are so many taxis in Bangkok. Just ask for the next one or to save the trouble, use GrabTaxi. Before leaving Yaowarat, remember to buy some tidbits (food souvenirs) home! >>Check out 15 Must Eat in Yaowarat Chinatown

#9 Time to make a choice!

So after dinner in Yaowarat, do you want to end your night or continue with even more? If you want to continue shopping, there’s several  mini Night Markets in Pratunam. >>Check out Pratunam Night Market

If you like to chill out at Rooftop Bar, there’s several around Pratunam such as Red Sky @ Centara Grand Central World, WALK @ Centara Watergate Pavilion, HORIZONS @ Zen, Siam@Siam Design Hotel.  Try to schedule  Rooftop Bars (if you intend to) on earlier days of your trip, in case of rain. >>Check out 15 Top Rooftop Bars


Day 2 (Friday)

#1 Pratunam Morning Market?

Pratunam Morning Market - Shops

If you are really a shopaholic, you might consider going for Prautnam Morning Market which starts from 4am-9am. Otw, sleep a little more but wake up before breakfast ends! >>Check out Pratunam Morning  Market

#2  Need handphone casings,  more tidbits or cheap & good bras?

MBK is a good choice for the above.  Females, this might interest you. You  can find Naraya and cheap lingerie at Tokyu Departmental Store.

#3 Lunch at Ping’s Thai Teochew Restaurant


If you are into Fish Maw, Thai Curry Crab, Oyster Omelette, you should check out Ping’s! Despite being located in a Pathumwan Princess Hotel (beside MBK), their prices are similar to what you get in Chinatown and I like the broth used here. It’s superior stuff! Try it for yourself. >>Check out Ping’s Thai Teochew Seafood

#4 Check out Bangkok’s newest luxury mall – EmQuartier

I’m not asking you to shop here, but if you can afford it, feel free to indulge!

Otherwise, it is nice just to check the place out.

An excellent place for afternoon tea, with many favourites, like  Audrey and White Story. Before leaving, buy some Japanese sweets such as Croissant Taiyaki or BAKE Cheese Tart!

#6 Back to hotel to unload

If you did not buy much and don’t intend to make a trip back, skip this!

#7  Visit night market @ Talad Rot Fai!


There are now 3 Talad Rot Fais (Train Market) in Bangkok. I like Srinakarin branch for it’s variety and vibe but the downside is it’s far location.

If you want convenience, Ratchada branch works well but it’s much smaller.

#8  Foot Massage!


After all that intense shopping, if your foot does not ache, I salute you! If you are staying in Pratunam you may want to  check out Cheap  Massage in Pratunam.

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Day 3 (Saturday)

#1 Chatuchak Weekend Market


You can sleep a little later and make your way to Chatuchak at about 10am. Remember, wear LIGHT clothing! There’s no air conditioning and it can get really hot! Don’t miss out all the delicious eats around the market.

If there’s only one item you can eat, go for the Coconut Ice Cream! >>Check out 15 Must Eat in Chatuchak Weekend Market

#2  Rush off to Union Mall!


Taking a taxi to Union Mall takes less than 5 minutes and it’s also just one train (MRT) station away, at  Phahon Yothin. Cool yourself down while shopping in the air-conditioned mall.

#3 Lunch in Union Mall at MK Restaurants /  Bar.B.Q Plaza


You should try Thai Steamboat once this trip and a good one is at MK Restaurant. Don’t leave without trying their Roast Duck! Alternatively, you may opt to go for Mookata at  Bar.B.Q Plaza.

#4 Enough of shopping, time to chill in a cafe!


Near to Chatuchak is an area called “Ari” and it’s the upcoming “Thong Lor”. There are some interesting cafes here. >>Check out Cafes in Soi Ari

#5 Back to hotel to unload

This time, you really really need to rest. The heat in Chatuchak should have drained all your battery!

#6 The last night, Siam Square Night Market!


Your last chance to shop, at the ever popular and crowded Siam Square Night Market. There are many restaurants around Siam Square and Siam Paragon, I believe I need not recommend any further.

Day 4 (Sunday)

#1 Feeling Sad already?

Don’t worry, I feel the same way too! My last day in Bangkok is always a sad one. The last day is always nothing much except for some last minute shopping in Pratunam or Siam area. But it ultimately depends on what time is your flight.

#2  Check out before going anywhere!

Check out time is at 12pm unless you manage to get a late check-out.

#3  Last minute buys!

Any other things to buy? It’s your last chance. For me, I like to end my trip with some sweetness and so I always go to Emack and Bolio’s. After You’s Shibuya Thick Toast works fine too.


#4  Full Body Massage!

I guess it’s no more shopping for the next few months! Time to pamper your  body for these 4 days of hardcore shopping.

#5 Goodbye Bangkok, till next time!

As mentioned early, this itinerary is strictly for shoppers only. I will be curating other itineraries which suits “first timers” and “all-in-one” (a little of everything). Stay tuned!

For an extension of this guide, please sign in with  Facebook as our registered member to download the  4D3N  Bangkok  Itinerary PDF Guide  here!