Mango Sticky Rice is called “Khao Niew Ma Muang” in Thai. There are many places in Bangkok selling Mango Sticky Rice. If you are lazy to travel, you can easily get it on the streets or even get it at the food court in major shopping centres like Platinum Fashion Mall, MBK and Terminal 21.

But if you would like to have a taste of the better and famous ones, here are 5 of the Best / Must Try Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok. Do click on the different stalls to see the reviews and more pictures (it will be posted progressively).

1. Mae Varee Mango Sticky Rice

Maevaree - Mango Sticky Rice

This shop has been around for about 20 years. At Mae-varee, both Mango and Sticky Rice hit the right spot!  The mangoes used are of good quality and gives the right sweetness and juiciness, not like those that are plain and sour.

Mae Varee is open  24 hours  for you to buy Mangos!  Mango Sticky Rice is only available from 6am ”“ 11pm  and every batch of Mango Sticky Rice is sold out once it is packed. Hence, you can be guaranteed of its freshness.

However, the only bad point is that there are no seats here for you to enjoy the Mango Sticky Rice. You can only do  Take Away  and enjoy it elsewhere.

Maevaree Mango Sticky Rice

Price: THB$130 onwards
Opening Hours:  6am to 11pm
Address: Sukhumvit Soi 55
Nearest BTS: Thong Lo (Exit 3)

2. Sukhumvit Soi 38

Sukhumvit 38 Mango Sticky Rice

Sukhumvit Soi 38 is like a street hawker centre selling all kinds of Thai dishes. It is popular with the locals and if you are looking for a place to try all the different thai dishes, you should come here. But don’t leave without having the famous Mango Sticky Rice here. It is located closer to the main road, on the left. This is one of the cheaper mango sticky rice you can find in Bangkok, but they don’t compromise on the quality. This stall is famous with both locals and foreigners.

Price: THB$80-100
Opening Hours: 6pm to 11pm
Address: Sukhumvit Soi 38
Nearest BTS: Thong Lo (Exit 4)

3. Boonsap Thai Desserts

Boonsap Mango Sticky Rice

Boonsap sells a wide array of thai desserts and they have been around since World War 2. Boonsap is currently run by the 3rd generation. Most of their sales are through takeaway.  There are lots of good food in Charoen Krung, so just drop by here to have your desserts thereafter.

Boonsap Mango Sticky Rice

Price: THB$120
Opening Hours: 7am to 5pm
Address:  1478, Thanon Charoen Krung,  Bang Rak
Nearest BTS: Saphan Taksin (Exit 3)

4. Pratunam Sticky Rice (Beside Kaiton Chicken Rice)

Pratunam Mango Sticky Rice

Staying in Pratunam and do not have time to travel elsewhere? There is a popular Mango Sticky Rice Cart just opposite The Berkeley Hotel. The cart is actually located beside the famous Kaiton Chicken Rice. So after having your chicken rice, you can head over to have your dessert.

Price: THB$120
Opening Hours: Evening to Night
Address: Pratunam, Opposite The Berkeley Hotel, Beside Kaiton Chicken Rice
Nearest BTS: –

5. Mango Tango

Mango Tango Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Tango sells a different variety of desserts all based on Mango. Their most popular item is still Mango Sticky Rice. However, the portion of the sticky rice here is rather small. If you are around Siam Square and just want to have a quick dessert in a cool environment or if you want some pretty pictures to post on Instagram, this is the place. However, do note that you might need to queue during peak hours though.

Mango Tango Mango Sticky Rice

Price: THB$120-145
Opening Hours: 11:30am to 10pm
Address: Siam Square Soi 3 / Asiatique Warehouse 1
Nearest BTS: Siam  (Exit 4)