Central Phuket just expanded their portfolio, with Floresta  (a massive new wing) joining the popular Festival just across the street.


The new Central Floresta combines the highest-end luxury brands with Peranakan-themed food halls, floating markets and popular fashion brands. There will also be an adventure park and also an indoor aquarium (said to be the largest in Thailand).


Central Phuket also held their first new year countdown just beside Floresta and the turn-out was huge! The fireworks show was also magnificent  lasting almost 2 minutes long. You won’t want to miss out our post on that!


Now, we believe you want to know what is worth trying for food in the brand new Central Phuket Floresta. The truth is that the shopping mall is huge and there are so many restaurants to choose from. Due to our short time available in Phuket, we couldn’t really finish exploring the food offerings but we were glad we managed to do some so here are 5 restaurants you may want to check out when in Central Phuket Floresta!

#1 Maimorn Cuisine


In Phuket, we highly recommend you to try their Southern dishes which might not be easily available in other parts of Thailand. Maimorn Cuisine is a restaurant you can only find in Phuket and now, with added comfort in Central Phuket Floresta.


Crab Stir Fried with Lime, Curry Powder, Black Pepper & Garlic

[Seasonal price –  approx 400 THB]. We haven’t tried this flavour before but it is special to us and slightly on the sweet side. Delicious though.


Stir Fried Prawn with Chilli & Garlic [Seasonal price – approx 1800 THB]. Prawns are huge and even though it is simply fried with just chilli and garlic, it’s so appetising!


Phuket Slow Cooked Pork Belly [250 THB]. This dish goes well with rice but we felt that the pork could probably be cooked longer for that softer bite.


Crispy Fried Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce [Seasonal price – from 80 THB/100g]


Durian Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk [190 THB]. Take a look at the amount of food we had earlier. We were so full that we almost wanted to forgo the dessert. Thank God we tried because it’s one of the best Durian Sticky Rice we had!

#2 Laem Charoen


Laem Charoen is a very popular seafood chain in Thailand and don’t worry, we are not recommending the usual fare. At this particular outlet, they have something special.


Curry Crab  [Seasonal price – 225 THB/100g]. This crab we had was a medium sized crab from Phuket (to bring you the freshest seafood) at about 1500 THB. The crab was so fresh that the meat just peeled off easily.  The curry crab recipe was also tweaked to Phuket flavours.


Shrimp Taro Salad  [290 THB]. This is a refreshing dish with shrimps and salad sauce on a basket of taro, surrounded by lots of fruits.

#3 Chilli Thai Restaurant


Chilli Thai Restaurant is also a familiar brand in Thailand so we are only introducing the special menu for this branch. In fact, we wanted to try many of the other dishes on the menu but we were just too full.


Assorted Grilled or Poached Cockle & Mussel with Fresh Vegetables & Condiments [399 THB]. This is a new item on the menu and they are more into Isaan food.


But you just have to check out their massive cockles!

#4 Mango Mania


Finally time to some dessert, something sweet. Here’s Mango Mania, specilaising in mango desserts.


Mango Mania [155 THB]. Ao-aew is a Phuket style shaved ice dessert, served with NamDok May mango ice cream with a special secret sauce. This dessert is quite refreshing with the ice jelly, fresh mango and mango ice cream all come served with lime, that is if you want to neutralise the sweetness.

#5 Thaivetro Old Town


Thaivetro is a popular ice cream shop in Phuket Old Town with lots of flavours for you to choose from, almost 30 flavours to choose from at least!


If you are daring enough to try flavours like Tom Yum or Wasabi, you have to drop by to take a look!

As mentioned, there are so many things to try and we will probably be back again next time to check out more of their food offerings. If you have stomach to try more, you can also check these out:


Souffle Pancakes from Pancake Corner – We love the pineapple  sorbet ice!


Want to try some local snacks and biscuits, they are available at Famous Coffee and Cakes in the basement of Central Phuket Floresta.


You can also buy back lots of snacks from Thai Favourites!

We hope that we were able to assist you in your food journey. Enjoy!