Seoul is a heaven for cafe hoppers with a sweet tooth. There are so many  desserts to satisfy different dessert lovers! However, as Summer is hitting Seoul right now, I would like to introduce you guys to some great desserts that will surely help you cool down from the heat!

#1 Homilbat


The well-known dessert store is located just in front of Yonsei University. You could try the original Bingsu here. The top-selling Bingsus here  are Pat-Bingsu (Original Red Bean Bingsu), Greentea Bingsu and Strawberry Bingsu. What makes the Bingsu here so special is that the texture of the Bingsu is shaved so finely, it is cottony-soft like snow! (Price Range starts from 5500 Won)


Another famous dessert from  this store is their fresh cream Strawberry Cake. The cream is light yet tasty that you will  not be able to stop eating the cake. Combined with real strawberries, the cake is just perfect.

Where > Sinchon Station

#2  Hello Yellow Cafe


If you are a fan of Banana Milk, you will surely love this cafe! It’s a heaven for banana milk lovers. They have Banana Milk Soft Cream which is their top-seller, Banana Milk cookies and even a variety of drinks made from  Banana Milk. The prices of the desserts here are also very affordable (3500 Won for Banana Milk Ice Cream).

The Banana Milk Soft Cream is very satisfying. It tastes just like the Banana Milk we drink and the Banana Smell will hit your nose as soon as you take  the first bite! It is not too sweet and not too plain, so it is also good for people who do not like to eat too-sweet desserts.

Where > DDP Station (Hyundai Department Store, B2)

#3  Haitairo


This Soft Cream is a very unique one. The topping is  fried potato chips! It might sound weird but surprisingly the combination is pretty amazing!  The texture of the ice cream is very thick and milky. You can smell the milk as soon as you eat it. However, the milkiness of the ice cream gets along SUPER well with the slightly salty taste of the potato chips. This is one of my favorites and I would always return to this ice cream store every time I go to DDP! The price for this one is 4500 Won.

Where > DDP Station (Hyundai Department Store, B2)

#4  Popper’s Kettle Corn


This is a small popcorn store located in Hongdae (Near Style Nanda). It sells both popcorn and ice-cream. There is a huge  variety of flavoured popcorn such as Caramel, Chocolate and Strawberry! All of their ice cream menus have Popcorn as a part of them. The one that I like the most is the Caramel Soft Cream.

The milkiness of the ice cream is just at the right level to go along with the slightly-salty caramel popcorn. The serving is also slightly bigger than other stores. The price for the popcorn and other desserts menu starts from 5000 won.

Where > Hongdae

#5  Godiva Cafe


Godiva is a word famous chocolatier. They also have their own summer menu! This summer, they introduced new dessert menus with rose and raspberry as main  ingredients. I REALLY love this idea. When I first tried this, the bitterness of their Chocolate Soft Cream and the slightly-Sour taste of Raspberry made  it a perfect dessert. They also put some raspberry sauce inside the cone, so if you have finished the sauce at the top already, you can still taste  the raspberry  at the bottom of the cone!

They also have the White Chocolate Raspberry blend as a new menu for this Summer as well. The price for the ice cream is 5900 won for the normal one and 6900 won for Rose and Raspberry Ice cream.

Where > Sinsa-dong

This is just a small part of Seoul’s dessert world. We  will surely introduce more desserts to you as we  explore more of Seoul! Or do  you have any requests and want us to go try it for you? Feel free to contact us! :)