There are so many souvenirs from Thailand which you can buy and one category is medicinal. They are strong in herbal products and many locals swear by it and they use it in their daily lives. Here are 5 medical products which we think is useful!

#1  Prippree Royal Balm


Thai locals love to use balm and some of them even use it for massages! It is basically used to relive (instant) pain on your body, the solution for aches, itches and pains.

Prippree Royal balm was developed about 300 years ago by a prominent medical family in Phetchaburi and many travel from far away to seek his remedies.   This royal balm is now available to the public and compared to the other balms in the market this one features cooling and quick absorption qualities, leaving no sticky or greasy residue.

Where to buy?

Gourmet Market (Siam Paragon)

#2 Phutawan Citronella Mosquito Spray


In Thailand, you will be bound to come in contact with mosquitoes even indoors. Equip yourself with a mosquito spray if you want to have less itch and bites on your body. It will also give you an ease of mind so that you can enjoy whatever you are doing without  being irritated by the mosquitoes.

Where to buy?

Gourmet Market, Phutawan Branches at Khao San, Asiatique, Chatuchak Weekend Market and MBK

#3 Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Body Spray


Thailand is a tropical country and it can get really hot. For those who want to keep themselves cool or to relief prickly heat rash, many use Snake Brand Prickly Heat. Now, they even come in a form of a body spray or wipes, making it even convenient to bring around on your travels.

Where to buy?

Gourmet Market, Tops and major departmental stores

#4 Takabb Anti Cough Pill


Having a cough in Thailand? Many locals regard this as the remedy for a cough and to be honest, it’s not delicious but probably the most effective. Now, it even comes in 4 flavours – herbal, plum, mint and lemongrass. Effective medicinal stuff usually doesn’t taste good anyway.

Where to buy?

Any supermarket or 7-Eleven stores

#5 Poy Sian Nasal Inhaler


Thai locals go to  “Poy Sian” Thai herbal inhaler as a remedy for any cold, flu, headache or motion sickness. It is so small and easy to carry around!

Where to buy?

Any supermarket or 7-Eleven stores

So, here’s our recommended products. Of course, whether it works varies and depends on your own body. It might work for some while might not work for some. If you think that we have missed out any other medicinal products which you think should be inside as well, feel free to drop us a comment below!