Gone are the days where you can only purchase transport and attraction tickets from the counter itself. With technology advances, you can easily do it online while you are planning your trip!

Changi Recommends has been my go-to site whenever I plan visits to South Korea and Japan because it brings me so much convenience! Check out what I got for my trip with Changi Recommends!

#1 ChangiWIFI


A trip to Korea would not be complete without a pocket WIFI and the best to get is actually ChangiWIFI. Honestly, it is not easy to navigate your way through Korea without the Internet. There is also the hassle of getting a SIM card at Incheon airport.

What is splendid is the minute the plane touches down at Incheon airport and you are safe to use your mobile phones, ChangiWIFI is there for you to use. It loads up pretty quickly and upon keying in the password you are ready to start your holiday! With its unlimited data, you can stay connected to the world and also use it to navigate around easily as well as finding places that you will need to go to.

We had complimentary mobile WIFI device from our hotel but we were still amazed at how ChangiWIFI was, in terms of speed and reliability because the data was unlimited whereas the local one had a limit of the data usage.

Despite 3 of us sharing 1 device, the speed was fast and sufficient for you to serve to your heart’s content in the midst of comfort on your bed. Just remember to charge your device every night so you can bring it out the next day.

The device can last typically for ¾ of a day. A suggestion would be to switch off the device when you are not using it for long periods. It helps to conserve the battery and will last longer for the day.

After the end of the trip, remember to drop off your device at the counters. It must be on the same day as you land if not extra charges would occur. So, if you want a hassle-free holiday, we strongly recommend ChangiWIFI because it was so useful throughout our trip, both in Seoul and Jeju.

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#2 Overseas Airport Transfer


After clearing customs, wouldn’t you love it as a driver takes you directly to your car? A relatively new service by Changi Recommends is the Overseas Airport Transfer, which can be easily arranged to take you to and fro your hotel at a reasonable rate. Upon exit, a driver would be holding a paper with your name at the exit waiting area.

There was even a flight delay and we could not arrive at the requested time that was mentioned to the driver. However, the driver waited patiently for us to arrive. (We were late for almost an hour)!

Without having to wait for public transport, we immediately boarded the car. The car was really spacious and you travel in style. The drivers are typically quite helpful, helping you with your luggage and loading them up. Travel in style and comfort right to the doorstep of your hotel. It was certainly very comfortable and the drive took about an hour (if you are staying in the city area like Myeongdong). The drivers generally can speak basic English.

On our return trip, we had a total of 3 luggage and 3 boxes, can you imagine how inconvenient if we were to take the train or bus? Thankfully, our limousine was spacious and was able to fit our entire luggage and boxes in it. The good thing about Airport Transfer is someone will assist you with your bags. This is great  for female travelers.

Upon arrival at the airport, our driver even told us the row number for us to check in.

The price for Seoul Airport Transfer starts from S$123 depending on the kind of vehicle you require. If you have big luggage and want convenience or if you are traveling in a big group, this would be the obvious choice in terms of affordability.

You can reserve airport transfers 96 hours prior to your trip!


#3 Preloaded T-Money card: Limited Edition Sticky Monster Design


You can’t travel around in Seoul and not have the T-Money card! It’s equivalent to Singapore’s EZ-Link card and you can use it for transportation (subway, bus or taxi) and pay at convenient stores too! You will get travel discounts as compared to using single-trip tickets and the best part is you don’t have to queue every time you want to take the subway. And trust me, you will be taking the subway 90% of your time in Seoul.

Getting it from Changi Recommends, you won’t have to worry about where to purchase the cards. Our cards were also pre-loaded with a value of 5000 won so you just have to top-up at any top-up machines at the train stations or convenience stores when the value is low! Topping up the card is easily done also at the stations, as there is English option available at the machines.

The one from Changi Recommends actually comes with a cute Sticky Monster Design currently, so fans of Sticky Monster, what are you waiting for?

At the end of the trip, you will get to keep your card too for your next trip to Korea again.  Please note that this card is only available for travels within Seoul.

You can use it immediately if you take AREX from the airport to downtown Seoul.

Instead of searching for a machine or convenient store to purchase your card, getting it in Singapore would ensure you can take taxi or train immediately after you touch down.



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#4 Hanbok Studio Photoshoot


If it’s your first time to Korea, you MUST definitely go take some photos with the traditional Hanbok. Hanbok is the traditional South Korean dress and is worn only during traditional festivals and weddings these days.

We arrived at the shop, located in the heart of Myeongdong. We were given a portfolio of different costumes to choose from and there was no rush in choosing at all (unlike in a tour group where you have to do it quickly).

Upon selection, you will be led to a small room where you will wear the inner gown first followed by the outer gown. A lady will help you to wear all the different layers. Note: It would be useful to wear something more low cut if you intend to wear the gown over your dress if not you will need to change out of your dress.

Another locker is provided for you to put your dress in the changing room. After all is done, you can proceed upstairs to the 3rd floor where different location sets are set up for you to take pictures of. Selfie sticks are also provided and you can spend as long as you want, taking all the different locations

For us, we had a good 1hr at the studio taking lots of beautiful photos!

The basic package that we had did not include professional makeup or portrait shots by a professional photographer. If that is important to you, you might have to take up the more professional packages.

#5 Everland

Young ones will love a trip to a theme park to have so we decided to head to the largest amusement park in South Korea, Everland!


And we need to really emphasize, get your tickets early from Changi Recommends. Take a look, we just skipped the unimaginable long queues at Everland and we just headed in with our pre-booked tickets. How convenient is that, we just saved 1 hour!


Inside the theme park, we felt happy because of the song being played makes you feel like going back to childhood days. There are so many rides and souvenirs around the theme park and you just have to try all of them!

Book your tickets early with Changi Recommends and skip all the long queues at the counter. Avoid going on weekends and public holidays because the queues for popular rides can be as long as 3 hours!
Make the trip to Everland more convenient with an all-day round-trip shuttle bus so travelling is less of a hassle at the end of the day.


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#6 N Seoul Tower  


The best place to get a 360 bird’s eye view of Seoul is right on top of Namsan Mountain at N Seoul Tower! It’s the only observatory in Seoul, so there’s nowhere else you can go to have such a view.

For Singaporeans, you might want to get guaranteed tickets for N Seoul Tower from Changi Recommends at Singapore Changi Airport, simply because it’s cheaper and you don’t even have to queue at N Seoul Tower (because the queues there can get very long!)


Book your tickets early with Changi Recommends and skip all the long queues at the counter. Avoid going on weekends and public holidays because the queues can be as long!

Want to make your trip as convenient as ours? Just purchase the tickets online from Changi Recommends and collect them from your preferred Changi Recommends Counter (open 24 hours) and you are set to go!

You can also get the tickets from other attractions in South Korea such as Lotte World from Changi Recommends too because they are up to 40% more affordable than getting it at the actual location! Check out more information here!

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