WARNING! Please do not read this if you are very hungry or very full!

28 Must Eat in Bangkok was extremely well received and as part of AroiMakMak.com 3rd birthday celebration, I present to you 55 Must Eat & Drink in Bangkok (2015).

This list was compiled  after several trips over several years and the food can be found around different parts of Bangkok. Those that made it into this list are definitely my favourite items  which I found the past year.

I wish to share it with all of you and hope that you will be able to try them too so that you will be able to have an Aroi Mak Mak trip to Bangkok.  Some of them already have a full post on them written so you can click on the link to read more about it.

#1 Grilled Chicken (Gai Yang)


Fried Chicken (Gai Tod) is delicious but you must also try Grilled Chicken (Gai Yang)! The glaze on the skin of the chicken will stop you in your tracks and call out to you! A good choice for those who want a healthier alternative to fried chicken.

Where > You can find it  mostly at Isaan or seafood restaurants

#2 Grilled Pork  (Moo Yang)


Moo Ping is grilled pork on sticks while Moo Yang is just grilled pork which is usually pork neck with  a perfect balance of tender meat, muscle and fats. This gives it a crunchy yet soft texture.

Where > You can find it  mostly at Isaan or seafood restaurants

#3 Grilled Squid (Pla Meuk Yang)


This grilled squid is currently one of the best I have tried. The squid is grilled to perfection, not too hard nor soft. If you can take spicy food, make sure you add in the chilli sauce because it will make it even more delicious. It’s super spicy but at the same time, so shiok.

Where > Along Yaowarat Road (left side)

#4 Thai Style Omelette  (Khai Jiao)


Thai Style Omelette is extremely delicious. It’s fluffy and full of flavour. You can find this even in street food carts. They usually serve this delicious omelette with plain rice. It’s really full of flavour that you can just eat it with plain rice.

Where > You can find it almost anywhere

#5 Massaman Curry


You must try Massaman Curry because it’s the World’s #1 Dish voted by CNNGo. This curry is not the extreme spicy kind of curry but its mildly spicy, sweet and savoury. You have  to try this because after trying it once, I always order when I see it on the menu. It’s that good! It goes perfectly with rice too. I tried this at Baan Glom Gig. You definitely won’t be disappointed if you try this.

Where > Baan Glom Gig or other thai restaurants

#6 Papaya Salad (Som Tam)


The most basic appetiser / salad for any Thai Meal. Som Tam is actually Papaya Salad which is pounded with many other ingredients to give you that sweet, sour and spicy taste. It is also good to go with sticky rice. Take a pinch of sticky rice and dip into the sauce on the plate. Aroi!

Where >  You can find it in almost any Thai restaurants

#7 Fried Prawn Cake (Tod Mun Goong)


This is a good appetiser for any Thai meal. Deep fried prawn cake dipped with the sweet plum sauce is just so delicious!

Where >  You can find it in almost any Thai restaurants

#8 Oyster Omelette (Hoy Tod)


Oyster Omelette in Thailand is different from the versions you find in Singapore / Malaysia. It is less starchy and usually crispier. The oysters are also huge! This is from Central Embassy EAThai. My friend Thanis Lim, foodie from Brunei actually went around Bangkok trying oysters omelette and his favourite is still from MBK Food Court. You can check out his Bangkok Food Guide here!

Where > Central Embassy EATHai food court, MBK Food Court, Ping’s Teochew Seafood Restaurant

#9 Satay


Satay is popular in Singapore and in fact I prefer Singapore’s version as the meat is more tender. However, looking at the satays being grilled right in front of me and seeing every table ordering it will tempt me to order as well.

Where >  Sukhumvit Soi 38

#10 Grilled Salt Coated Fish (Pla Pao)


Salt Coated Fish with Lemongrass can be seen at every street-side restaurant. Lemongrass and some herbs are stuffed  into the middle of the fish and then grilled with salt-coated on the skin of the fish. The end results is tender cooked fish with hints of the grill and lemongrass. If you can’t take street food, this is also available at many seafood restaurants.

Where >  You can find it in almost any Thai restaurants

#11 Basil Chicken Rice (Pad Krapao Gai)


If you don’t know what to eat, go for Basil Chicken Rice. The simplest kind of meal which every Thai local loves. It’s a comfort food which makes it  so delicious and filling.

Where > You can find it almost anywhere

#12 Fried Kway Teow (Kway Teow Pad Siew)


Other than Pad Thai, Kway Teow Pad Siew is my next favourite Thai Fried Noodle. This is something like Fried Kway Teow but in a thai-style sweet sauce giving you a different experience. One of the best Kway Teow Pad Siew I tried was from Ma Yodpak Radna @ Ratchawat.

Where >  Ma Yodpak Radna @ Ratchawat

#13 Pineapple Fried Rice


Pineapple Fried Rice is actually more popular in Singapore than in Bangkok. However, I am glad to find this popular dish served in a pineapple and this is really delicious. Moist and bursting with flavours.

Where > Noi Seafood @ Huay Kwang Night Market

#14 Noodle Soup with Chicken


This  noodle soup with  chicken is very popular in Chatuchak Weekend Market. Tender chicken drumsticks with  thai rice noodles in braised soup. Even though it’s so hot in Chatuchak, people still flock here for this!

Where >  Chatuchak Weekend Market (Section 21, Soi 29 facing Soi 47)

#15 Thai Laksa (Khanom Jeen)


Khanom Jeen is “Thai Laksa”. The star of this dish is the thin and soft rice noodles. It seems  simple but it’s actually very difficult to make. The soft and light rice noodles tastes so delicious when eaten with curry. Khanom Jeen comes with different curry options. Try it and see which version suits you. This dish is still very new to me and I will be sourcing for the best Khanom Jeen in Bangkok soon.

Where >  Street Markets or Food Court

#16  Porridge @  Jok Prince


Jok Prince Porridge. Probably the best porridge (cantonese style) in Bangkok with Wok Hei. This place is popular with celebrities too but they are not open in the middle of the day. Click on the link above to check out more with regards to the opening hours.

Where > 1391 Charoenkrung Rd, Bangrak (Opp entrance of Shangri-la Hotel)

#17  Kway Chap – Auan Pochana


This Kway Chap is different from Singapore’s version. The soup is very peppery and it comes with rice noodle rolls and different parts of the pig. The thai pepper used makes the peppery soup so popular that locals just keep coming back to eat.

Where > Outside Chinatown Rama Theatre, along Yaowarat Road (left side)

#18,19  Ping’s Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant


Braised Fish Maw with  Crabmeat. I usually visit Chinatown for such food in the past and if you see them prepare the soup, you will notice that they pour in starch to thicken it and give it a gluey feel. At Ping’s, you taste the difference immediately. It’s indeed superior as they don’t use starch, so you really get the real original stuff done properly. Now, the worst thing for me to know, is that the price is similar to  those restaurants in Chinatown. What!?!


Thai Curry Crab with Mantou. It’s so convenient to eat this without dirtying your hands and the crab meat is just huge! At the same time, I  get to eat Thai Curry Crab which always goes well with rice!

Where > Pathumwan Princess Hotel (Level 2)

#20  Ping’s  Hotpot


Hotpot / Steamboat / Shabu Shabu is very popular in Bangkok and you can easily find them in major shopping centres. If you want something better with a premium soup base, head over to Ping’s Hotpot at Pathumwan Princess Hotel (beside MBK). With 4 choices of premium soup base (yuan yang hotpot) together with fresh ingredients, it makes the hotpot experience even better. It may not be the cheapest hotpot in Bangkok but you really get quality stuff here. You can also order your favourite items from Ping’s Teochew Restaurant to go with your hotpot too.

Where > Pathumwan Princess Hotel (Level 2)

#21  Savoey


Savoye is a popular Thai restaurant serving up delicious creations for you to dine in a comfortable atmosphere. One of their best sellers is  Deep-fried Snapper in Green Curry served with Thai rice noodle.  This fried snapper is very  fresh and you can tell when you bite into it. In addition what I like about fried fish is it’s skin. So crispy. This version comes with Green Curry and rice noodles that is soft and light.

Where > Savoey @ Tha Maharaj and other outlets

#22 Mango Tree


This particular dish Larb Pork Ribs blew us away! After eating this version of Pork Ribs, you will totally ignore BBQ Pork Ribs for sure. This is just WOW! I can just come here for this dish alone. You really got to try it for yourself. If you need something else, go for their Pad Thai, it’s one the best I eaten too.

Where > Mango Tree @ Yodpiman

#23,24  ISAO Fusion Japanese Sushi Bar


Jackie,  the cute caterpillar sushi which everyone who has been here will recognise. What will you find  inside this cute Jackie? Ebi, shrimp tempura, ebiko and avocado  with a bed of delicious sauce!


Volcano,  baked scallop with spicy sauce.  It does not  look really appetising but don’t judge it by its looks. Inside the rich and thick sauce are fresh small scallops. This is really addictive because you probably won’t be able to stop at one.

Where >  Sukhumvit Soi 31

#25  Tom Yum UFO @ Sansab Restaurant


This Tom Yum UFO is so good!  The middle of the pan is filled with Tom Yum Soup, Mama Instant Noodles, Seaweed, Mushrooms, Corns, Fish Ball, Prawn, Cuttlefish and Crabmeat. The thing which makes everything so delicious is actually the robust Tom Yum Soup. On the side of the pan, you have egg, corn, seaweed soup and mozzarella cheese! On the side, the draw is actually the cheese. See it melt and eat it together with the other ingredients.

Where > Siam Paragon (4th Floor)

#26  Polo Fried Chicken


Another style of Fried Chicken, without the batter. This is then topped with fried thai garlic to give you that extra garlic flavour and crunch. This is so far the best chicken with garlic I have eaten, with the right amount of garlic! To date, I have tried many of this variation in other restaurants but none have matched this standard.

Where > Soi Polo (Soi Sanam Khli)  off Wittayu (Wireless Rd)

#27,28  On Lok Yun


Traditional  Breakfast in an old-school coffee shop! There are 2 of my favourites here. Bread with Butter and Sugar  ”“ This is a must order. The bread is crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside.


Egg Custard Bread (with Kaya)  ”“ If there’s only one thing to order here, this will be it! The soft white bread dipped in kaya custard with evaporated milk. Oh my, so delicious!

Where > 72 Charoen Krung Road

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#29  Yaowarat Toasted Bread


Yaowarat Toasted Bread is always seen with a long queue, patronised by both locals and tourists. It’s buttered toast is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. What makes it even delicious is it’s filling. My favourite filling is Condensed Milk & Sankaya.

Where > Outside Government Savings Bank, along Yaowarat Road (left side)

#30 Garlic Bread


Garlic bread is a popular item that goes well with creamy soup. But if you see it freshly grilled on the pan and it’s full of garlic on soft bread, how can you resist not ordering?

Where >  Chatuchak Weekend Market

#31 Sweet Corn


I always try to find a cart selling Sweet Corn because the version is very different from Singapore. You can either eat it on its own and have it in a cup, mixed with sugar, salt and condensed milk. So the version in Thailand is sweet!

Where > Street Market

#32 Grilled Banana


Thais really know what to do  with bananas. This version is grilled over charcoal and the inside is soft and warm once it’s ready. Look for those street carts which sells this with caramel coconut drizzled over it.

Where >  Tanao Road

#33 Fried  Banana


This is a dessert shop which sells everything Banana. They are famous for the fried banana and milkshake. It has been around for many years and is popular with university students from Chulalongkorn University. This hidden shop is located at Lido Siam Square on the second level.

Where >  Lido Siam Square (2nd Floor)

Alternatively, you can try the Thai Style Banana Fritters (Kluay Tod) which can be found on street carts.


#34 Crossaint Taiyaki

Croissant Taiyaki  is a hybrid product of Croissant and Taiyaki. Different outlets offer some different fillings such as Cold Custard and Banana Chocolate.

Where > They are now only doing delivery.

#35  Green Tea Lava Cake @ Yuutaro

Yuutaro - Green Tea Lava Molten Cake

Green Tea Lava Cake,  the best selling dessert at Yuutaro. It’s such a beautiful combination of Chocolate and Green Tea and they managed to do it extremely well. Just  by looking at the pictures, you can tell  that it is delicious.

Where > Yuutaro @ Sukhumvit 51 / Central Embassy

#36,37  Audrey @ EmQuartier


Warm Banoffee Crumble!  It’s warm, it has banana and crumble, I really  could not resist this.


This  Baby Tom Yum Crust Pizza  is a  MUST ORDER  at any Audrey outlet. It’s so  good and addictive! Every person I introduce this  to loves it so much. Guaranteed a favourite, unless you don’t take Tom Yum.

Where >  EmQuartier [8th Floor (Helix- Quartier)]

#38 Coffee Beans by Dao

Coffee Stars by Dao - Cakes

Cakes Galore! Coffee Beans  by Dao are famous for their cakes. You have  to try it for yourself. Their cakes are soft and light. The best part is that you won’t feel sick of eating it.

Where >  Coffee Beans by Dao is available at most major shopping centres

#39  Emack & Bolio’s Thailand


Oreo Ice Cream with Nutella & Oreo Marshmallow Cone. They are the original makers of Cookie & Cream (Oreo) ice cream from the US. I like to eat this on my last day before leaving Bangkok. Eating this makes me happy and it helps relieve the sadness of leaving Bangkok.

Where > Central World  (6th Floor, Atrium Zone),  Siam Center  (1st Floor),
EmQuartier  (7th Floor, Helix Zone),  Central Lad Prao  (2nd Floor)

#40 Ice Sticks


Seen this before? Ever wondered what’s inside? It’s actually ice sticks made from your favourite drinks such as Miranda, Coke, Sprite, Thai Ice Tea, etc. If you need something to cool down, try this!

Where >  Chatuchak Weekend Market

#41 Beancurd (Tao Huey)


This Thai style beancurd taste very different from the ones you find in Singapore. It might not be as smooth but it has a different kind of flavour which you should try. It’s usually served with ginger soup and topped with crispy dough.

Where >  Rama 4, Yaowarat, Thai dessert shops

#42 Grass Jelly with Brown Sugar


Grass Jelly has cooling properties and it is now easily found in Bangkok as it’s popularity increases. It is usually topped with brown sugar to give you that extra sweetness and crunch. Try it if you need something to cool yourself down. This is from Polo Fried Chicken but they can be easily found at Chatuchak Weekend Market too.

Where > Polo Fried Chicken or Chatuchak Weekend Market

#43 Red Ruby


The best place to have Red Ruby is definitely in Thailand. At least, here you get a good red ruby which is has a soft exterior and a crunchy water chestnut on the inside. You can know if  it’s good when you bite into it. The coconut milk also gives a uniquely Thai flavour to your cold dessert.

Where > Thai dessert shops, Sukhumvit Soi 38

#44 Durian Sticky Rice


You might have eaten Mango Sticky Rice. How about Durian Sticky Rice? In fact, it’s cheaper than Mango Sticky Rice and although it’s not as juicy as Mango, the durian is creamy and smooth. If you take durian, do try it. I usually have this at Food Court in Shopping Centres. Their version is good enough to satisfy.

Where >  Food Court at Shopping Centres

#45 Kanom Krok


Thai Coconut Pudding / Custard / Pancake. Also known as Kanom Krok. This is a popular street snack / dessert unique to Thailand. It has a lightly crisp outer layer but soft and wet inner layer. When eating it fresh and hot, it’s just sensational.  Try it if you have not.

Where > Central Embassy, Street Food carts

#46 Luk Chup


I call it the royal dessert because it originates from the royal place of ancient Siam. It’s actually mung bean moulded into different cute shapes of fruits and then painted with food colours. Since it’s for the royal family, it has to look good and taste good. And we’re blessed to be able to enjoy this delicacy now. It’s not exactly easy to find this. This particular one is found at Huay Khwang Night Market

Where >  Huay Kwang Night Market, Pratunam Market, Events

#47 Roti Sai Mai


Roti Sai Mai is actually Thai Cotton Candy, originated from the ancient old capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya. The pandan crepe is so fragrant and has that pandan taste to it. When mixed together and rolled, the sweetness of the cotton candy and slight saltines is a perfect meld of flavours. The candy just melts in your mouth. I actually prefer this style of eating my cotton candy.

Where > Markets, Events, Candy Crepe

#48 Strawberry Ice


This Strawberry Ice is found at Chatuchak Night Market on Friday. There is no Coconut Ice Cream on Friday night and so this makes a good replacement. It’s cooling, light and sweet. A good way to end your trip at JJ Night Market on Friday.

Where >  Chatuchak Night Market on Friday

#49 Itimlamoon


Itim Lamoon is one of the homemade ice cream shops in Bangkok which has been gaining quite a bit  of attention. I happened to chance upon it while walking around Tha Maharaj. Of course, I needed to try it for myself. Their Egg Yolk Volcano Ice Cream is indeed worth checking out. Get ready your camera and handphone for instavideo though!

Where > Tha Maharaj, Mega Bangna

#50 Creamery Boutique Ice Cream


Creamery Boutique Ice Cream is famous for its homemade ice cream and cookie lava with chocolate flowing out when you cut open the cookie.

Where > Chula Soi 42

#51 Thai Green Milk Tea


You always come to Bangkok for Thai Milk Tea. Have you tried Thai Green Milk Tea? Why not change your order for once, you will be amazed that you might love this even more.

Where > Available at most  drink carts

#52 Black Canyon Coffee


Need a coffee fix in Thailand? Forget about Starbucks and go for Black Canyon Coffee. This cafe  originated from Thailand and it serves really good coffee. Their restaurants are also modern and comfortable for you to relax and chill out after all the shopping.

Where > Available at most major shopping centres

#53 Orange Juice


You can find good orange juice in bottled form on the streets and it’s generally delicious enough. If you want something even more, you got to try this! It’s not cheap as the price has increased over the years but it remains my favourite Orange Juice in Bangkok. Why? Because of its juicy pulp in the juice. It’s really satisfying drinking this. This is located at the famous Pad Thai at Thip Samai.

Where > Pratu Phi Pad Thai @ Thip Samai

#54 Pomegranate Juice


Freshly squeezed Pomegranate Juice! It’s full of anti-oxidants and is a healthy drink which you should try!

Where >  Almost anywhere with street carts

#55 Fruits


After indulging in all the good food in Bangkok, don’t forget to have some fruits to help you digest. They can be easily found all around Bangkok.

Where >  Almost anywhere with street carts

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Wow! 55 Must Eat & Drink in Bangkok. Are you overwhelmed? If you need even more, do check out my 28 Must Eat in Bangkok released in 2014 if you have not.


I hope you have the chance to try the 83 (55 + 28) recommended items. Have an Aroi Mak Mak trip soon! :)