With the rise of K-Pop, Running Man and Descendants of the Sun starring Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo, Kim Ji-won, and Jin Goo, many of you will definitely be tempted to pay South Korea a visit.

There is  so much to explore in Seoul! Endless shopping and street food all around and you will definitely Eat and Shop till you drop!

Planning an itinerary is one of the most tedious things  to do for every trip. But you just have to do it in order to have a plan. Of course, it would be best if  you can have something to refer to or even better if somebody does the planning for you. All you have to do is just follow!

The content creators at  AroiMakMak went down personally to check out the places so that we can come produce  quality content for our readers. If we have not tried it ourselves, we definitely would not recommend it!

We came up  with this suggested 5 Days 4 Nights guide because it would be more ideal than a 4D3N / 3D2N guide. You should think about staying longer as there is so much to explore! Air tickets to Seoul are  not that cheap too, so  you  might as well spend more time there.

You don’t have to follow it strictly (especially if it’s not your first time in Seoul), you can actually add and remove the places, according to your preference.  

We hope that this 5D4N Itinerary Guide will assist in part of your planning to make it a easier and enjoyable one. If it’s your first time to Korea, do check out our 15 Survival Tips in Seoul!

Day 1 (Friday)

#1 Reach Seoul by noon!

Plan your flights and the most ideal flight is to reach before noon so that you can be in the city just in time to check-in to your hotel. The journey  to the immigration can be quite a walk with long queues.

#2 Take Airport Limousine Bus to the city


Airport Limousine Buses are available outside the departure hall. Just tell them where you want to go and they will process the ticket and inform you which bus to take.

The bus captains will help to load and unload your luggages so this is definitely a good option if you have luggages. The journey to city takes about 1 hour.

You can also take the subway but I don’t recommend this option because if you take the subway, you will have to be prepared for long walks and climbing of stairs. Not that convenient if you have luggages.

#3 Check-in to hotel

By the time you reach your hotel, it should be 2pm which is the timing for check-in. Some hotels allow early check-in depending on room availability. If you are planning for a shopping trip to Seoul  soon, compare hotel rates  here!

Locate a convenience stall to get Banana Milk or street food to fill your stomach if you are hungry.


#4 Visit N Seoul Tower


The highest point in Seoul, an observatory and also the place where every couples should visit. Love is really in the air!

Once you have locked your love, take the cable car down to Myeongdong!

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Day 2 (Saturday)

#1 Breakfast at Isaac Toast


It is probably the best toast I have ever eaten. They can be easily found especially in popular tourists districts such as Myeongdong, Dongdaemun and Hongdae. Just walk around and you will be sure to spot one! If you are lucky, they could be just a few minutes away from your hotel too. [Read more about  Isaac Toast]

#2 Shop & Eat at Edae (Ewha Woman’s University)


Ewha Woman’s University is one of the popular  shopping areas in Seoul.  This fashion street shopping is definitely targeted at students in Ewha University, so expect the shopping here to be trendy and affordable.  [Read more about Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street Shopping]


With street shopping, there will definitely be street food.  [Read more about 10 Must Eat Food in Ewha Woman’s University]

#3 Check out  Hongdae Free Market


On Saturday afternoon, there’s a “free market” where you can find many handmade crafts and accessories. It is open from 1pm to 6pm and only from  March to November.


It’s quite a small compound to check out. So once you are done, walk out and there’s even more for you to explore!


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Day 3 (Sunday)

Day 3’s itinerary is all about tradition and culture where you visit the palace and traditional villages.

#1 Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace


We highly recommend you to join the English guided tour which takes 1 to 1.5 hour. With the English guided tour, you will learn about the different palaces and the uniqueness of everyone of them. Definitely a good way to learn about this place. The tour is only available at  11am, 1:30pm and  3:30pm).

#2 Lunch at Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken


Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken is located just 10 minutes away from  Gyeongbokgung Palace and it makes sense if you want to try one of the best  Samgyetang  in Seoul. [Read more about Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken]

#3 Photo taking at Bukchon Hanok Village


Bukchon Hanok Village  is a traditional village home to hundreds of houses called hanok. Even though it’s a popular tourist spot, do note that residents still stay here so you have to keep your volume down when you are there.

Some of the hanoks have been converted into guesthouses, restaurants and tea houses.

While coming here for some good photos, take some time to immerse yourself in the Korean traditional culture.

#4 Explore Samcheong-Dong


Bukchon Hanok Village is just part of Samcheong-Dong and there’s actually more to explore. If you walk around, you will see many beautiful cafes, restaurants and shops. The quaint neighbourhood is an interesting place to explore!

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Day  4 (Monday)

#1 Snacks Shopping @ Lotte Mart


The most convenient place to buy your favourite Korean snacks is at Lotte Mart located at Seoul station. They have bulk items here and you can get almost every Korean snack here. After payment, you have to pack it into the box provided, by yourselves! Be prepared to spend at least an hour here.

After purchasing, it’s best to head back to your hotel to put down all the stuff.

#2 Shopping at  Express Bus Terminal Underground  Mall


If you are looking for a cheap and affordable place to shop, you must not miss this! Located at “Express Bus Terminal” station, there is an underground mall which is very long!

Many locals like to shop here as the shopping experience here is more pleasant as compared to those at Dongdaemun.

#3 Explore Gangnam

How can you not visit Gangnam after listening to the song “Gangnam Style”? Gangnam is a high-end shopping district housing different boutiques but you still can find several affordable cafes to just chill and people watch.


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Day  5 (Tuesday)

#1 Fill in Tax Refund Slips

You will definitely want to do tax refunds after buying so many cosmetics.

Ensure that you have the slips filled up before leaving for the airport.

#2 Last Minute Shopping

The last day is always nothing much except for some last minute shopping. But it ultimately depends on what time is your flight.

If your flight is late, do check out your hotel before 12pm and leave you bags with them before you go out for last minute shopping.

#3 Take Airport Limousine Bus back to airport

If you are doing tax refunds, you need to reach the airport 3 hours before your departure to ensure that you have sufficient time to get your tax refunds done. You have to go to several counters in different corners of the airport, so a lot of queuing and walking time is required.

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