There’s a new restaurant that just opened in Seoul! It’s called “A-To Gyu Katsu” which is located in Sinchon, near Baskin Robbins Cafe. This restaurant specializes in Beef Katsu and Beef Sushi. They are also famous for their special Yuza Sauce (Japanese Orange Sauce).

The restaurant opens from 11.30am to 10.30pm (Break Time at 3.00 pm- 4.00 pm). They mainly have 5  items which all comes in set. They are as follow;

Gyu Katsu set
– 170g for 12,900 won
– 280g for 20,000 won
Cream Kare Udon set for 7,900 won
Iberigo Yaki Kare set (Japanese Curry with Beef and Fried Egg) for 11,900 won (Beef 170g)
Beef Sushi set (170g) for 13,900 won 1. Gyu Katsu set (170g for 12,900 won and 280g for 20,000 won)
Mojiko Yaki Kare set (Japanese Curry with Fried Egg and Cheese) for 6,900 won

They also have set menus for guests going as a group.

Set 1 : 1 Gyu Katsu + 1 Mojiko Yaki Kare + 1 Drink for 20,800 won

Set 2 : 2 Gyu Katsu + 1 Drink for 26,800 won

Set 3 : It is a seasonal set that will be changed monthly

I ordered the Gyu Katsu set which is a famous item here. The fun point of this restaurant is that you can grill the Beef Katsu yourself! They will give you a small stove to grill your katsu. The portion is quite big, so for women, I recommend you order the single portion and not the double potion, especially if you’re on your own.


I  tried several levels of grilling and I found out that the beef is still juicy no matter which level of the grilling you like! (For me, I would recommend Medium-Rare / Medium) The Fried Bread Crumb outside the Katsu is also very thin that you can still feel the texture of the beef which is really good.



Another interesting thing about this restaurant is that they have their special Yuza Sauce. When you finish grilling your beef katsu, you will notice that they give you 3 kinds of sauces in the set. The proper way to eat the Beef is that you put the beef in Kanjang Sauce (Brown one) first. The next sauce is the Katsu sauce which is the white one and the last one is Yuza Sauce (Orange One).


I really recommend you to try the step above. It gave a very new taste that I was very surprised with. I never thought that the sour and a little bitter taste of Yuza sauce will suit Gyu Katsu this well. It also went really well with the lightly-salted taste of Kanjang Sauce and the creamy taste of Katsu sauce.

Another way to eat your Katsu is the traditional Japanese way which is when you finish with your grilling, you could just put the wasabi on it and eat with your rice. This way, you could fully feel the texture and the taste of the beef! It can also spice up your dish if you are a spice-lover!

Go try and tell us what you think! :)

[Seoul] A-To Gyu Katsu (아토 규카츠)