Wilbur Suen, Founder of AroiMakMak.com

AroiMakMak.com is the only lifestyle and travel platform focusing on all things Thai. It is your go-to resource for the latest trends and best eats in Thailand and Singapore.

AroiMakMak was created by a Singaporean who loves all things Thai.

After I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Bachelor of Business Management, I went on to work in several startups and small events companies for half a year. I didn’t really like what the job entails and also how the director was treating the staffs and hence I left. I went for a quick getaway trip to Bangkok with my friends and that was when I was inspired to do something relating to Bangkok, something which I personally own and love doing.

AroiMakMak.com was initially created because of the love and passion for Bangkok. The name Aroi Mak Mak literally means “Very Very Delicious” in Thai! The very flavourful and delicious delicacies, soothing massages, never-ending shopping make Bangkok, “The Land of Smiles,” a top destination for many.

We began as a One-Stop Guide about Bangkok in 2012 and was picked up by The Straits Times and Shin Min Daily News where I was interviewed.

Featured In Singapore’s Major Newspapers


The Straits Times Β (Singapore’s most widely read newspaper)

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Shin Min Daily News

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Awarded Best Supporting Influencer by Tourism Authority of Thailand

Invited Speaker for Thailand Travel Trends – Hear it from the best!

Invited Speaker for Republic Polytechnic’s Travel & Learn Program

Today, it is a well-known site that everyone who visits Bangkok will know about, especially Singaporeans and Malaysians.

I love travelling and I often meet with one problem whenever I’m planning a trip. There are lots of information online but they are all scattered and outdated. It’s quite hard to find a comprehensive all-in-one guide like what AroiMakMak.com provides.

I hope that you will be blessed by the information and tips. Have an enjoyable and safe trip!