Wilbur Suen, Founder of AroiMakMak.com

AroiMakMak.com was initially created because of the love and passion for Bangkok. The name Aroi Mak Mak literally means “Very Very Delicious” in Thai! The very flavourful and delicious delicacies, soothing massages, never-ending shopping make Bangkok, “The Land of Smiles,” a top destination for many.

We began as a One-Stop Guide about Bangkok in 2012 and fast forward 3 years later, it is a well-known site that everyone who visits Bangkok will know about, especially Singaporeans and Malaysians.

I love travelling and I often meet with one problem whenever I’m planning a trip. There are lots of information online but they are all scattered. It’s quite hard to find a comprehensive all-in-one guide like what AroiMakMak.com provides.

In April 2016, we launched a revamped site with better navigation and readability, giving you only information you require. We are happy to announce that we are expanding our content to include Seoul and Tokyo, two top holiday destinations for Singaporeans, Malaysians and even Thais.

I am sure with the new AroiMakMak, planning your trip to Bangkok, Seoul and Tokyo will be much easier. You can easily find answers to your questions like: Where To Go? What To Do? What To Eat? Where to Stay? Must Go Places?

I hope that you will be blessed by the information and tips. Have an enjoyable and safe trip!

On another note, I believe everyone has something different to share about our favourite country. So if you think that you are interested in contributing articles on Bangkok, Seoul and Tokyo, feel free to reach out to us!

Team of Editors



Eddie Yii –  Eddie is a Sarawakian who grew up in Singapore and has worked in Thailand since 2010. Even though he has a couple of full-time jobs, he considers himself first and foremost, a husband and father. When he is not busy clearing his children’s poop, he also jots down some of his random thoughts on surviving and thriving in this awesome city of Bangkok at Stranger in Bangkok. Eddie reveals peeks into his everyday life (mostly made up of yummy food and cute kids) on his IG account @strangerinbangkok.

Tiffany Yong – Known as Singapore’s ABC Girl, Tiffany Yong Acts, Blogs and Coaches little kids! You might have seen her on the highest rating episode of Crimewatch in 2014 (Sextortion) or even Changi Airport’s Horoscope Commercial. She also writes film critics on tiffanyyong.com and reviews selected brand experiences. Being a fan of Thai films (Mario Maurer!) and Thai food, she will be sharing some of her favourite Thai experiences here!

Jo Ann Kuek – Whenever Jo Ann tells people she is going to Bangkok, her friends will always reply, “Again!?” She enjoys looking for pretty things to fill her home, delicious food to fill her tummy and Bangkok is like a never-ending treasure box in that aspect. She loves that Bangkok is always full of surprises. She is also the florist at @bluecoastbackyard, a flower store operating from her backyard!


Lionel Chin  –  Lionel is guest contributor for AroiMakMak. He currently runs Ripplewerkz, a digital media agency based in Singapore and Thailand. In his free time during work-trips and vacations abroad, he enjoys discovering and sharing great food.


Andrea – It is easy to spot this tiny Singaporean girl in a crowd. You may notice her unconventional unicorn like hair colour or maybe you just heard her squealing over some cute dog, cheap clothes or good food. Andrea loves having fun, being different and taking on new adventures which she documents on Instagram @vexdrea. When she is not working, she is probably at church, shopping at some thrift store or exploring some other country.



May Lin  – May is a Singaporean and she has been living and working in Seoul for almost 3 years. She initially thought that food would be a problem but she was wrong. During her stay in Seoul, she found many hip places for food and exotic drinks. She even joined a foodie lover’s club to search for delicious delicacies without having to leave a big hole in your wallet.

Shazrina  – A foodie at heart with a passion for videography, Shazrina is born and raised in Singapore with a strong love for anything Korean. This die-hard shopaholic has a strong desire to travel and explore the world, nothing can stop this adrenaline junkie from trying out new things. She loves watching YouTube videos and video editing of all sorts. Check out her Instagram @kimikoshaz to look out where she’s heading off to next!


Yo – Yo is a Korean-at-heart Thai girl. Born and raised in Bangkok, she is currently based in Seoul as an exchange student at Yonsei University. Her favourite activities to do in her free times are going to k-pop lives, dances and OF COURSE, HUNTING FOR GOOD FOOD. She also has an Instagram introducing her foodie life at @seoulexchangelife. Feel free to check it out! If you are the one who is looking for a good and affordable college kids’ style food in Seoul or sweet treats for the sweet-tooth, you are on the right track!

Kai Li  – Happily born and raised in Singapore, Kai Li is fresh out of college and waiting to enter university soon. During her free time, she enjoys sourcing for great shopping deals, hunting down the latest trendy food in Singapore with her friends and is always up for new experiences! Hop on over to her Instagram @omgitskaili to find out where she’s heading to next!


Joshua – Born in the United States and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Joshua is currently a student looking forward to graduating! He has a deep love for basketball, fitness, and, of course, food! He’ll do his very best to find and inform you guys about Seoul’s delectable foods and the idiosyncratic places that you must visit. Follow him on Instagram @thedishlist for food and @joshtkim for a look at his personal life!


 – Chinakawa is a half Thai-Japanese, born and raised in Bangkok. Now, she is based in Tokyo as a full-time student and a part-time cafe hopper. In her free time, she enjoys going to museums, chilling at the park and taking photos. She is passionate about hunting for good food. Distance and obstacles are never problems for her when it comes to eating!


Julia  – Julia is American-Japanese half from Hawaii with a bit of a concerning coffee addiction living in Tokyo. Spending all her savings on travelling or food, she loves to explore and find new places for both the food and picture taking (to share on Instagram, of course). A sucker for great coffee, cafes and restaurants with great atmosphere, except to see posts of her yummy finds from Tokyo and her travels.