Above Eleven is a rooftop bar and restaurant located on the 33rd and 34th floor of the Fraser Suites. Overlooking Sukhumvit’s Soi 11, the New York Central Park-inspired restaurant serves Nikkei Peruvian-Japanese food, the first in Southeast Asia, and it is currently the only one in Bangkok doing so.

Above Eleven_mini

Opened in 2012, its urban park concept and culinary won  the 2014 Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Awards.

Nibbles and Bites

Above Eleven_Barsol Pisco Sour & Rohito_miniPeruvian cuisine is influenced by various indigenous population and immigrants from Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Japanese and West Africa. The unique fusion forms interesting dishes, some of which Singaporeans might find familiar. After all, Singapore’s food  is also a result of many different cultures.

Above Eleven_Salmon Carpaccio with Ponsu Sauce_miniSalmon Carpaccio with Ponsu Sauce is semi-raw salmon slices eaten with fried garlic, spring onions. It is served with a savoury-sweet citrus dip. It is an appetising starter that will make you want to go for more!

Above Eleven_Tiradito Tuna Nikkei_miniNext, sashimi lovers will love this Peru-version of tuna slices. Besides sesame oil, the highlight of the “Tiradito Tuna Nikkei” [380฿]  dish is the mouth-watering sauce made from  natural fish juices, lime juice, sliced onion, chilli, salt, and pepper. This sauce is called  aji amarillo (chilli) leche de tigre (which means tiger’s milk). Besides that, we also sampled the  Tiradito Octopus which is  octopus slices in olive oil and kalamata olive mayonnaise.

Above Eleven_Cebiche Above Eleven_miniCebiche Above Eleven [470฿]  is considered a  “Peruvian National Dish”. Marinated in the delicious leche de tigre sauce, the Cebiche is a combination of  fresh  sea bass fish, prawns, deep fried calamari rings, sweet potatoes and sweet onions. For me, this is the oddest combination but it  seemed to go perfectly well together with the savoury, tangy leche de tigre sauce.

Above Eleven_Tuna Tartare_miniAnother one of my favourite dish is the  Tuna Tartare [350฿]. Accompanied with deep fried wonton crisps, the raw tuna was diced and seasoned with sesame oil, red chilli, coriander and red chilli-wasabi dressing.

Above Eleven_Causa Kani_miniThis is an interesting Spanish-inspired nibble. A scoop of mash potato with crab meat in  togarashi mayo and avocado.  Causa Kani  [370฿]  is also has half a quail egg as garnish and fragrant  Huancaína cream sauce.

Above Eleven_Anticucho Beef Heart_miniThe  Anticucho Beef Heart [250฿]  is one of the star dishes in Above Eleven. An African influenced-Peruvian dish, the grilled beef heart chunks are  marinated in  red chilies, oregano, garlic, red vinegar and soy. Although I don’t eat beef, I tried the  three brightly coloured sauces – aji amarillo, red chili criolla (salsa) and chimichurri (parsley garlic) sauce – they were spicy, sweet/tangy and fragrant. I love the spicy chilli most!

Above Eleven Head Chef_miniThe  Executive Chef Omar Frank Maruy is the brains behind the delectable cuisine at Above Eleven. Born and raised in Lima, Peru, he went to Toronto to study culinary arts at George Brown College before working at Astrid y Gaston for 10 years. Omar was then invited to Thailand in 2012 to create this  first of its kind restaurant, introducing Nikkei cuisine to food lovers in Thailand.

Main Course

Above Eleven_Arroz Con Pato_mini
Arroz Con Pato [450฿]  is fried rice with duck leg confit. The duck leg was tender and slightly salted. I love the coriander rice which was fried with seasonal vegetables,  salsa criolla and drizzled with  Huancaína Sauce. It was fragrant and I could easily just have that alone.

Above Eleven_Snow Fish Anticucho_miniThe Snow Fish Anticucho [750฿]  is snow fish grilled in the  Andean style. With yuca-bacon mash, olive mayo, cherry tomato salsa, this dish is somewhat similar to our usual western grilled fish.

Above Eleven_Lomo Saltado_miniLomo Saltado [800฿]  is a very homely dish of  sautéed beef tenderloin slices. Cooked in soya sauce with onions, coriander, peppers, potato wedges and tomatoes, it resembles the typical Chinese tze-char dish we have in Singapore.

Above Eleven_Seco de Cordero_miniThe  Seco de Cordero [950฿]  is my favourite main course of all. This peruvian dish is made up of tender lamb shank marinated with beer and  aji amarillo chili, slow cooked in clay pot.

Above Eleven_Rice with baked bean_miniBest of all, the  meaty lamb shank is accompanied with rice and soft baked white beans (I kept munching on the delicious beans!)


Above Eleven_Torta Tres Leches_miniFor dessert, we had  Tortas Tres Leches [230฿]  which is a small bowl of vanilla sponge cake soaked in 3 types of milk. On top, fresh cream is sprayed, followed by a cherry and mint leaves. If you like sweetened milk soaked cake, this is something you should try!

Above Eleven_Traditional Crème Caramel _miniIf not, you can opt for the  Traditional Crème Caramel [200฿], a dessert widely accepted by everyone.

Above Eleven Gramercy Park_miniJust next to the 34th floor of the Above Eleven, there is a secret (easily missed!) passageway to the Gramercy Park. There, you will have a even better view of the Bangkok skyline, where you can chill with your friends. Gramercy Park shares the same menu as Above Eleven but no reservation is allowed!