Update: 15 November 2016 by  Eddie Yii

After You – Thai Tea Series

Having achieved  an iconic status nationwide through blocks and blocks of delactably-sweet thick toast, it feels good to see After You Dessert Cafe gradually turning back to their roots, starting from their popular Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori and now their Thai Tea dessert line-up.

Thai tea, to me, has always been one of the most unique flavours this country has to offer, so I couldn’t wait to try what After You has to offer.


The Thai Tea Shibuya Thick Toast

[215฿] has the same buttery  signature  toast, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside,  topped with 2 scoops of rich Thai Tea ice cream. I love the contrast of warm and cold bursting in my mouth, so this is a winner for sure.


The Thai Tea Kakigori [245฿], as you would expect, is like a Thai Tea shaved ice with  a beautiful mildly-cheesy frosting on top. Question is, what are the surprises inside?


I am glad the treasures are as traditional as they get: some soft bread to be soaked in the melting Thai Tea ice, and nice chewy grass jelly!

I wonder what After You will come up with next, if they continue to follow up on their quest to re-introduce local flavours, perhaps some coconut-inspired dessert series?

After You Dessert Cafe needs no introduction. It is especially popular among teenagers and working adults. This is a favourite dessert cafe for both  Thais and tourists. People come to After You for their famous and delicious thick toasts.

Shibuya Honey Toast – the best seller!

The first bite into this bread, I felt as if I was eating something from heaven! It’s that delicious. It has a crispy exterior but the secret is inside. The fluffy and soft centre absorbs the melted butter which is evenly spread, making it soft as a pillow. It is accompanied byVanilla Ice Cream and whipped cream. And if you take sweet stuff, don’t forget to drizzle the maple syrup.

The warm butter bread + cold ice cream + soft whipped cream + sweet maple syrup, all the different flavours literally explode in your mouth. 1 word – WOW! It’s a MUST TRY!

afteryou-cheddarcheesetoastCheddar Cheese Toast – if you want something savoury + sweet.

It is equally delicious, just that this version has an additional topping of cheese. They also have other flavours such as Nutella Toast, Sticky Toffee Toast, Chocolate Toast, Matcha Toast, Strawberry Cream Toast.

afteryou-strawberrycrumbleStrawberry Crumble

Don’t miss out this strawberry crumble. It is served warm and eating it together with the ice cream is indeed sensational. The portion is smaller than thick toast and I can still have a second serving of this!

afteryou-fujiapplecrumbleFuji Apple Crumble with Soy Custard Sauce

This is a promotional item which is not permanent on the menu. After You changes their promotional item and it indeed makes  their customers come back for surprises now and then.


After all the sweetness, I’m sure you need some water. It is self service.


A modern and chic cafe to chill out with your friends over very delicious thick toast and crumble.


After You is now located in many major shopping centres of Bangkok (Siam Paragon, Central World, Central Plaza Ladprao, Silom Complex). Find out the other locations by clicking the link  below.


If you want to visit their flagship store, it is located at J Avenue, Thong Lor Soi 13. It has alfresco seating too!

After You Dessert Cafe
Various Locations: Click Here

Tel: +66 (0) 2318 4488