After You Durian is a new concept shop for durian lovers. Having seen success with their shibuya toasts and kakigoris, they were able to come up with new creations based on new flavours.

After You’s customer base consists of both locals and tourists and the new flavour will only cater to a very niche market because it’s – Durian!

Durian Sticky Rice Toast [325฿] – This is slightly different from the shibuya toast that we are all familiar with. They cut a hole in the middle of the toast to put in small cubes of bread, sticky rice and ice cream.

While the combination of the bread, sticky rice and ice cream blended well together, I find that the toast was a little too crispy, especially the sides of the main toast.


Look at the mess inside! Messy but delicious.


It also comes with durian puree and you can pour it over your toast. You can also order  extra durian flesh to go with it.


Mangosteen Frappe [145฿] – Perhaps a better way to end the meal would be mangosteen frappe since the durian is heaty. Of course, if you want a complete durian feast, you can try the Durian Frappe [165฿]  too!

Other popular items here include Durian Kakigori [345฿], Durian Crumbstick [95฿].

The durian concept is interesting and it will draw crows who are a fan of the King of Fruit. However, don’t eat too much because it’s not good for health!

After You Durian is located at Siam Paragon, just beside the original After You outlet.

[Bangkok] After You Durian paid for food review unless otherwise stated.

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