I can’t deny that I am a huge fan of afternoon tea. When I was doing an exchange year in London, I used to roam around the city just to try as much afternoon tea as the metropolis could  provide me.

After I came back to Tokyo, I haven’t been to any places with afternoon tea for almost a year as I  likely had an overdose of afternoon tea!

Until recently, I came across this afternoon tea set at Ladurée Ginza from various platforms on my social media. So I decided to visit, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in the past 3 months!


Ladurée Ginza is the Tokyo main store, and it is located at the 2nd storey in Mitsukoshi Department store.



At the entrance, you will be welcomed by these amazing pastries and macarons in the showcase.


This time, I chose the afternoon tea set for two ( ¥7,128) . It came with the selection of our own choice for fruit juice (orange or grapefruits), hot drinks (coffee or tea), sandwiches, macarons, and pastries.

FYI, the restaurant doesn’t take reservation, so I recommend you to go a little early!

I chose ‘The Marie Antoinette’ for the tea, and it was definitely the right choice. The aroma of rose and jasmine, along with the scent of honey and dried fruit were very sweet and refreshing ♡.


The macarons my friend and I chose were pistachio, guava, framboise, and chocolate.


My most favourite plate of pastry was the Saint-Honore’ Rose. The base of the pastry is a  choux, covered with rose fondant, with rose cream and raspberry on top. I absolutely loved the rose cream. The slight  sourness of the raspberry  was  the perfect partner to  the mild sweetness of the pastry.


The second pastry we chose was  mille-feuille. I’ve had  mille-feuille several times, but the one here at  Ladurée was very special. I loved the mild sweetness which balanced the taste of the pastry evenly with the crunchy layers. It was such a classic! I’ll totally go back for this again next time.


The interior of  the shop was very pretty with the Rococo style decoration, which made me feel like I was a princess in the  Versailles Castle!


After your amazing meal in the restaurant, there is a souvenir corner with pretty products you can buy at the shop entrance as well!

[Tokyo] Laduree’ Ginza