Shabu Shabu is a Japanese nabemono hotpot dish with thin sliced meat and vegetables boiled in soup stock. For an authentic experience in Kyoto, check out Yamafuku (あごつゆしゃぶしゃぶ 山福).

AgotsuyuShabuShabuYamafuku-facade  AgotsuyuShabuShabuYamafuku-interior

In countries outside Japan, “shabu shabu” has become associated with  unlimited buffet steamboat. The waiter asked if I had eaten “shabu shabu” before and I answered no, because the ones I had was really different.

When I entered the restaurant, it seemed like shabu shabu was to be enjoyed  slowly.


Our soup was boiled with  Flying fish from Nagasaki Prefecture. It was then removed and soy milk was added to the soup.


We were given hot dipping sauce while waiting for our meal – Wagyu Beef Set.


It comes with vegetables and tofu. Don’t underestimate this tofu because it’s one of the best tofu I had ever eaten. It had hints of soya and it’s just so soft and smooth as it melts in your mouth.


Wagyu Beef  [5000 ¥] – Despite its high price, it’s actually very good meat. It is worth the money.


All you have to do is to put the ingredients into the soup and let it cook by itself.

We were told not to stir too much otherwise the nutrients will be gone. So we just waited patiently after the meat went into the soup.


Once you are done with the meat and vegetables, you will want to add noodles if you are still feeling hungry. The noodles will only be served after you finish everything because it can cause the soup to be very starchy.


After removing from the pot, you dip it into your new noodle sauce. Slurp the noodles!


In a Japanese restaurant, it seemed only right to order  a glass of beer compared to any soft drinks.


The service here was top notch and I just had to take a photo with the staff who served us throughout. He was also able to converse in English and took the time to explain every step of the meal, making it an educational and delightable one.

If you want an authentic Shabu Shabu experience in Kyoto, I strongly recommend this place!

[Kyoto] Agotsuyu Shabu Shabu Yamafuku (あごつゆしゃぶしゃぶ 山福)