Andaman Indigo Tie Dye. The perfect place for a fun day of creating your very own masterpiece.


You are bound to see some of these beautiful creations around Thailand. Maybe you already own a few of these. If you have ever wondered how these are created, you can sign up to take a workshop here to learn and create your  very own indigo dyed masterpiece.


Maybe you have seen videos on Youtube about how to tie dye. Maybe you have tried it. I know I have. To my surprise, what you get to learn here is totally different from all that. One main difference is at Andaman Indigo Tie Dye the dye they use here is all natural, unlike the store bought powdered ones which gives off a strong chemical smell, you will not be breathing in harmful chemicals here.


Here, they use tons of tools, clips and folds to create different patterns. They are even able to control what comes out of it.



You will learn step by step on how to fold and use the tools. If there is a specific design you want to achieve, they will help you with that too.


We used blocks, rubber bands, chopsticks and different types of clips to create the patterns.


They gave us plastic gloves to protect our hands while dyeing the fabric. First, you have to wash and get the fabric wet before proceeding to dip it in the dye and massage the dye into the fabric. After which, you have to drain the excess dye and rinse your fabric. At first, the dye will look green but after being exposed to air for a while and oxidizing, it turns blue.


Here is the end result for our handkerchiefs.


We also dyed T-Shirts and here is  how they turned out. You can also choose to dye tote bags if you would prefer to, there are a bunch of different packages you can choose from.


They also sell some of their work right there where you can get some inspiration  from or just buy some back for yourself or your loved ones.


In the midst of all the dyeing, you can also find Organic Homemade Coffee there. Watch the man roast the coffee right before your eyes and appreciate coffee that does not come from a machine.

For more information on Andaman Indigo Tie Dye, you can visit their Facebook page HERE.

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