Anusarn Night Market is a must visit  market in Chiang Mai. Let me take you through what to expect from it and the area around it.


Anusarn Night Market is the largest night bazaar in Chiang Mai. It opens daily from 6.30pm to 12 midnight.


This is the go to night market if you visit Chiang Mai. The area is filled with a wide variety of food and shopping.


You are bound to see some of these gorgeous embroidery on pouches, wallets, bags, pillow cases and even notebooks.


I remember seeing an embroided backpack there for around 350 baht if I remember correctly and I regret not getting myself one.


There is a fruit stand near the entrance  of the market where you can get some sliced fruits or fruit juice.


In midst of all the night market hustle, this cutie was just sleeping in the middle of a path.


You can find necklaces and jewelry there of course.


Fairy lights are pretty common too. I managed to bargain and got a floral one for 100 baht.


Many bars and restaurants line the sides of Anusarn Market. Some even have live music, it really is a perfect place to chill and take a break from shopping.


Apart from the Anusarn Night Market itself, the whole area around it is actually filled with street shops too.


This was something unique that really caught my eye. You can actually watch how he carves and creates these beautiful pieces.


The streets are lined with clothing stores, jewelry, hand crafted soap, shoes and mobile accessories.


There is a shop selling pajamas.


This shop has hats, gadgets and accessories.


I found these little sculptures extremely cute. They would make great decor pieces and perfect gifts.


These shops were really special as well. These are not mass printed artworks. When I was there, I actually saw the artist painting a new piece on the spot.


Food cart spotted! This moving food cart goes all around the streets.


This is the Pavillion Night Bazaar with Night Street Food located 2 minutes away from the Anusarn Market.


There are live performances here to entertain you while you enjoy your street food.


And of course, there are tons of food choices here.


You can even get some bingsu here at The Bingsoo, located at the entrance of the Pavillion Night Bazaar.


The street opposite Pavillion has Thai food, Hard Rock Cafe and even more street shops.


There is a money changer in front of the Macdonalds there if you need to change some money.


You can even find a Burger King and a Starbucks there and this is all just beside Le Meridien hotel.


If you continue walking 5 minutes down from Pavillion Night Bazaar, you would find Kalare Night Bazaar.   This is around 7 minutes away from Anusarn.


Kalare Night Bazaar is definitely quieter than Anusarn Market. There are some  dining and shopping options here. However, I would only recommend this place if you are there early. I was here at around 10pm and many  of shops were already closed.

All in all, Anusarn Night Market is the largest in size however, I highly recommend you walk around the street shops and explore the area as well.

[Chiang Mai] Anusarn Night Market, Pavillion Night Bazaar and Kalare Night Bazaar