Flower lovers, you MUST head down to Aoyama Flower Market Tea House in Tokyo! This is a hidden gem where they serve really pretty desserts that seem  too fragrant and beautiful to be eaten.


I saw my friends posting photos of some very beautiful desserts in Tokyo and I knew I had to track down the location!

Upon arrival, I was greeted by sweet fragrant smells. But there was a queue for the tea house and I had to wait for about 30 minutes. Do not be daunted by the waiting time. I can assure you the teahouse  would be worth the wait.


I do hope they open more branches because it is gaining lots of attention from foreigners as well.


Look at how beautiful the interior is! The tables are divided by beautiful flower pots.


I was seated  facing the window, with beautiful “cherry blossoms”!

All I wanted was to order the most beautiful dessert here!


Rose Parfait [918 ¥]! Such a beauty isn’t it? It didn’t matter that I did not know what was inside when I ordered, I knew that it would  taste good. Here’s what in this  beautiful dessert:  Vanilla ice cream, rose jelly, strawberry shortcake, wheat flakes, berries and flowers. I love the flavour and the textures in this dessert.

If only I had stomach for more food! I will definitely be back for more!


After the delicious dessert, take some time to admire the flower arrangements outside the tea house.





The experience at Aoyama Flower Market Tea House was just incredible. It is a beautiful place with pretty desserts. Indeed a good place to chill out with your friends or to just rejuvenate over some good tea alone.

[Tokyo] Aoyama Flower Market Tea House