APEX Profound Beauty is one of the top health and beauty institutes in Thailand. It is also frequented by Thai celebrities and hi-society Thais.

They offer cutting-edge beauty treatment using the latest effective equipment and most importantly treatments performed by skillful and experienced professionals.

APEX Profound Beauty is specialized in Thermage procedure and Botox injections. However, they do also provide other body treatments and procedures.

APEX Profound Beauty - Laser Treatment

Here are the list of their programs:

  • – Revival and Nourishment Program
  • –  Lines Correction and Age Defying Program
  • – Lifting Wonders
  • – Skin Lightening and Colour Correction Program
  • – Skin Reborn
  • – Pores Tightening Program
  • – Acne Cure Program
  • – Scar Program
  • – Body Shape-Up, Cellulite and Weight-Loss Program
  • – Complete Body Indulgence (Spa)
  • – Hair Removal and Implantation Program
  • – Others
    • – Improving undesirable stretch marks
    • – Firm-up Breasts, Minimize Underarm Perspiration, Sculpting Legs – BOTOX Treatment
    • – Reshape Facial Contour and Sculpt Your Legs – Carboxytheraphy Treatment

APEX Profound Beauty - Treatment Room

Ok, so time now for my treatment. I was given Mesotheraphy –  boosting the skin with delicious meso essence. It is part of the  Revival and Nourishment Program. So what is it about?

It basically revives skin damages caused by premature aging and pollution and helps to abort bulging fat around chin and neck areas. The treatment naturally firms and brightens up your complexion with noticeable result. Mesotheraphy utilizes a micro digital injector to drive anti-oxidant and advanced bio technology essence right into imperfect areas. Deeper skin tissues that can’t be reached by nourishment cream will also be effectively revived.

The treatment was so relaxing throughout. My face was washed and cleaned several times before the treatment begins. And I felt a machine sucking up my skin gently. Thereafter, some gels were applied to my face. I then waited for the essence to be absorbed. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep!

I felt so refreshed after the treatment  and my tour guide told me that I looked younger! Haha!

APEX Profound Beauty - Treatment

If you want to get some treatment in any area of your body, please go for a reputable brand. You get what you pay. Don’t harm your body by choosing the cheapest alternative.

APEX Profound Beauty have 15 branches in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.  To find out more about the services at APEX Profound Beauty, just visit their website or contact them. The full details are below.

Here is a picture of all of us after the treatment!

Apex Profound Beauty - Media