Artbox Singapore is finally here from Bangkok! From 14th-16th and 21st-23rd of this month,  head down to  Marina Bay and find a Thai night market right here in Singapore!

With hundreds of vendors, you will spoilt for choices. Expect tons of food, drinks, desserts, shopping, decor items and the list just goes on. Artbox Singapore is sure to have something for everyone.

A highlight of Artbox Singapore is that focus is placed on creativity. There are  live performances and vendors  bring their own touch of personality to add onto the vibe of the whole event. Night markets are never boring to begin with but this  promises to be a whole other level of fun.


Despite the crowd, Artbox can actually still be enjoyable. Before I get into what you can expect  at this event, let me give you a few tips.

Firstly, avoid going in big groups. I went with a big group of friends but we ended up splitting into 2s anyway. I would say that 2 or 3 would be the best number to get around in.

Secondly, dress comfortably and travel light. Wear cooling clothing because it will get real humid and of course, refrain from bringing a big bag to help yourself and everyone around you.

Thirdly, wear covered shoes and stay away from those stilettos. Much like if you were  going for a concert and entering a mosh pit, protect your feet. As for stilettos, unless you are planning to hurt someone, leave them at home.

My last tip is to bring a bottle of water. Sure we all plan to buy tons of Thai milk tea but while waiting in a queue or walking around, I highly urge you to stay hydrated.

That is about it for my tips. The crowd may seem overwhelming but do not let it stop you from having a great night. From my own experience and that of others I have read online, I feel like everyone has had very different encounters  at the event. All in all, though it may be really messy, it has taken a lot out of the vendors to be able to make this event possible so if you were excited for it,  just go for it!

I went down on the very first day to bring you this post with a sneak peak of what you can expect from Artbox Singapore.


Mead all the way from Australia.


Grilled Oysters, Cheesy Chicken Tau Pok




Alley and their Dragon Breath, Soda and Cha Tra Mue.


Chatuchak with their signature egglets and Thai milk tea. If you are a fan of matcha, be sure to try their Green Thai Milk Tea because their matcha and tea taste is much stronger than the usual ones you find in Singapore.


Kurozu (black vinegar)  tea. Kurozu is actually from Japan and at Artbox Singapore, much like in Thailand, expect to find a wide variety of food and drinks, not just Thai.

Mak Mak Ice Cream is there too. Fried Ice Cream Rollies and Thai Milk Tea, they currently only have 1 outlet in Singapore located at Jcube so if you are not a Westie, do try out their goodies at Artbox while you have the chance.


You saw it. $1 Thai Tea. I kid you not, they are really selling Thai Tea at just $1 when you buy Churros from them. Do be ready to queue though because that $1 sign sure attracts a massive queue.


T.I.T. Thai Iced Tea is there too! They were all sold out by around 8pm, much like many of the other food stalls but they are all ready to come back stronger for the rest of the event. T.I.T. is a stall with a very unique and fun  personality, we went to try out their drinks before Artbox and wrote about it. Do check it out HERE.


SNO Flurry Desserts, just look at their menu, need I say any more? Ice Cream Churros, Poprock Lava cake, Kena Cone Ice cream, this stall is every sweet tooth’s weakness. Including myself.


Hey, another familiar name! We wrote about Rochor Thai before too, read about it HERE. They have Thai Milk Tea, Pad Thai, Grilled Fish and even Red Ruby  too which I highly urge you to try.


You can also get FREE cotton candy there, yeah, you heard me, FREE. This treasure is located near the stage at the NETS booth.

ARTBOXSINGAPORE-SITTINGAREA-TABLESThere is an outdoor sitting area with tables and chairs for you to eat. provided you manage to get a seat, it will probably be full and you will have to wait  so do not expect getting a seat to be easy.

Food aside, here is a sneak peak of what you can expect from shopping at Artbox Singapore.


Naked Glory is there with their watches.


Who does not love some lacey lingerie and chokers?


There are earphones from Atlas


Décor items.




Even potted plants! Artbox is really a perfect place to hunt for birthday presents and what not.

ARTBOXSINGAPORE-MUKHAIRCARE-FREEHAIRSTYLINGYou can even get a FREE hair styling session right there with Muk Haircare.

These food and shopping options are all just a very tiny sneak peak of all the treasure you can find Artbox. You really have to make a trip down to see it all for yourself. This post barely contains a quarter of what is available there.

Not forgetting to mention, there are tons of Insta-worthy spots for you to up your Instagram game and make all your followers go WOW




There is even a photo booth in a caravan brought to you by Kombi Rocks.

I bumped into many old friends, colleagues and even relatives there so make sure you dress up and  be ready to take tons of selfies.

After getting tired from  walking around head to the chill out area to relax on hammocks and other cool furniture while being entertained by live performances.



I highly recommend you bring along a bottle of water and keep yourself hydrated because it will get rather hot and it can get rather stuffy.

ARTBOXSINGAPORE-FIRSTAIDBut no worries, there is also an ambulance and the St John there to take care of you if you are not feeling well.

The event is from 3pm-11pm on  Friday, Saturday and Sunday on 14th-16th and 21st to 23rd.

Don’t miss it!

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