For many years, we didn’t feature any hotels in Yaowarat because there weren’t any new hotels in the area. Yaowarat used to be a difficult place to access because many taxi drivers didn’t want to drive there due to the jam. With the new MRT lines opened in Yaowarat, getting there is now a breeze, and it makes more sense to just explore the area.

Located right in the hustle and bustle of Yaowarat is the new Asai Bangkok Chinatown. Despite it being a 3-star hotel, we promise it offers much more than what you pay for. At the time of writing, the cost for each room is between 1200-1500 baht per night. Asai Bangkok Chinatown is the first hotel in the lifestyle segment under the Asai brand of the esteemed Dusit Thani group, so you can be assured of the room quality and service levels.


The check-in counter is located on the 4th floor and even features a self-check-in option, which is a cool option, especially in the current climate.


Do check out their courtyard because there are many photogenic spots for your Instagram feed!


It is also a serene space for your to wind down and enjoy that spot of calm away from the usual chaos in Bangkok city.


Rooms are new and well-maintained, giving you a sense of comfort from the moment you step into the room.



The inclusion of universal plugs and USB ports is a delightful touch.


The hotel is connected to I’m Chinatown so getting down to the ground floor allows you access to some shopping and dining in the air-conditioned mall.


Breakfast at Jam Jam feels like breakfast from some boutique 5-star hotels because you get to enjoy a made-to-order option from the ala-carte menu, which is also supplemented by a small buffet spread.


Getting around Bangkok is also a breeze because the MRT is just diagonally across the hotel, less than 2 minutes walk away! From Wat Mangkorn MRT station, you can easily go to the city or visit major tourist attractions like Grand Palace, which is only a few stations away.

Many tourists know Yaowarat for its nightlife and street food, but it’s a totally new experience to check out in the day, when a totally different set of shops are open, catering to a different target group.


There’s so much to explore in Yaowarat, and even though we visited this district many times, there’s still lots to discover. Will you want to see a BKK District Guide version of Yaowarat? Stay tuned!

After all that feasting around Yaowarat, you can head to the gym to burn off some calories.

For those who requires to get some work done, there’s even a meeting room for usage!


If you love street food and easy connectivity to the MRT, Asai Bangkok Chinatown is your best bet.

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