Asakusa is a traditional and cultural district which you must visit in Tokyo. You can find the famous Sensoji Temple, Nakamise Shopping Street and not to  mention, lots of good food around that you can try.


When you exit from the subway station, look out for the  majestic  Kaminari gate!


You can see many rickshaw riders around and they actually offer rickshaw tours around Asakusa to bring you to the various popular sights in comfort.


Nakamise Shopping Street is a good place for you to get souvenirs if you need. Other than traditional souvenirs, they also have many snacks packed beautifully which can be used for souvenirs too.

While walking, you will notice many shops selling tantalising food and snacks. We tried some of them and here’s our recommendations!

#1  Kibi Dango


Kibi  Dango are Japanese dumplings made from millet and mochi rice flour. For this particular shop, it is coated with soy bean powder (kinako). During the different seasons, they sell either Sake or Cold Matcha which goes well with their dango. Look out for the shop with the rabbit logo.


#2 Asakusa Menchi (浅草メンチ)


Asakusa Menchi is actually  Fried Minced Pork & Beef Croquette. I saw a long queue outside this shop and as I approached, there was good smell of food around. I knew I had to get this. They use Kanagawa Kouza Pork but when you bite, beware! The croquette is very juicy and it may burn you as it’s very hot. Apparently, they sell thousands of this per day! Enough said.

#3 Mochi Dog (浅草 安心や)


This was just located next to Asakusa Menchi. Mochi dog is just Vienna sausage wrapped in mochi. I will say that it’s more of an interesting eat as such hotdogs usually comes wrapped in a bun or hotdog. Other than mochi dog, this shop is also popular for their “Sake Flavoured Ice Cream”.

#5 Fried Mochi / Agemanju


We are all familiar with Mochi but Fried Mochi is really something different and interesting. The inside is basically mochi with fillings and it is coated with tempura batter and fried. Don’t miss this because it seems to be the “must try” snack here.

#6 Rice Crackers


This rice cracker from Kineya is so delicious! You can see it being freshly fried and you can also take some to sample. It is crispy but the moment it enters you mouth, it starts to melt! I prefer the original version which comes with salt as the taste and textures are sublime!

There are many different variety of rice crackers here. Just take a look below.

nakamiseshoppingstreet4  nakamiseshoppingstreet5

#7 Sweet Potato


If you are a fan of sweet potato, you have to try this! A beautiful sweet potato in the form of a rectangle for you to eat with ease.

#8 Sweet Potato Ice Cream


During summer, it makes sense to have ice cream because of the hot weather. In Japan, it’s best to take flavours such as Matcha, Sweet Potato or Black Sesame. This ice cream might not have a very strong flavour to it but it makes a nice cool down snack anytime.


Other than food, you can find lots of souvenirs of all types to suit your needs.

nakamiseshoppingstreet3      nakamiseshoppingstreet16

You can find many dressed in kimonos as you can rent one  and explore Asakusa wearing it. Be prepared to appear in many photos though because people will definitely ask you for photos. Your time to shine like a celebrity!


[Tokyo] Asakusa’s Nakamise Shopping Street