Baan Khrai Wang  is a place which many of my Thai friends told me to visit when they know that I am going to Hua Hin.


After spotting this sign, just enter right in. While walking in, you actually feel like you are entering someone’s house.


There is no air-conditioning but just a simple backyard garden with many wooden benches.


But what amazes me is the view below!


Waves and waves of Grace. Caught this magnificent sight at a cafe in Hua Hin called Baan Khrai Wang

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Wow, the view of the sea, Hua Hin beach! What a nice way to chill out and enjoy the sunset.


Ban Khrai Wang is actually  a cafe, famous for their cakes and desserts. They also have coffee and tea  to accompany your dessert.

I ordered their famous Coconut Cake. It is a light dessert. Just nice so that I could  have my dinner elsewhere later, next door. This photo don’t do this place justice, I need to be back here to try out more of their cakes (soft centre pudding and cheesecakes). Perhaps, my attention was taken away by the beautiful sea view. :p


So if you want a cafe with a beautiful view together with some cakes and coffee to  chill out with your friends, this is Baan Khrai Wang for you. :)

[Hua Hin] Baan Khrai Wang