In Pratunam, there are 3 Baiyoke Hotels. They are Baiyoke Suite, Baiyoke Sky and Baiyoke Boutique. I stayed in Baiyoke Boutique twice, in 2008 and 2012. I must say that my stay in 2008 was fantastic, staff were very friendly and approachable. Everything was very pleasant.

Upon reaching the hotel, there will be a welcome drink. That was in 2008. My stay in 2012, it’s either they have forgotten about my presence or that the hotel no longer serves welcome drinks.

A very simple and “open” lobby. Sufficient seats for your guests while you are checking in.

For those who are coming with elders, do note that this hotel is not so accessible for them. You have to do a bit of climbing of steps before you can get to the corridor of your room. To access the lift, you have to climb a few small steps. And after reaching at your level, you have to either climb up or down the steps to your level.

The rooms are modern and it comes in different colour themes. Girls will love the Pink Themed room. Perhaps you may want to bring air fresheners to the room, as there is a weird smell in the toilet.

As the hotel is beginning to age, carpets seemed to be dirtier. Hence, I’m not a fan or carpet flooring in budget hotels. Many new and upcoming hotels are taking note of this and hence used ceramic tilings.

During my stay in 2012, it was not been very pleasant. There were ants on the dressing table, the safety box could not work. I told the receptionist many times about it, called for room service, but they did not turn up at my room. I wonder what is happening.

Ok, something good is that, now they have a buggy stationed outside. They can ferry you outside to the main road, so you can walk a shorter distance.

And if you intend to sneak another person into the room, forget about it! Because they have been very strict and began installing cameras at the corridor. So, don’t think of escaping without a fine!

Did you know, by walking through this carpark, there is this small lane which leads you to Rachaprarob Station (Airport Rail Link) in just 2 minutes!

This hotel is good if you are new to Pratunam / Bangkok. All taxi drivers will know where is Baiyoke and hence you will not have any trouble getting back to your hotel. For those who are more adventurous and know your way around Pratunam, you may want to try other hotels.

In summary:
1) Modern rooms with different colour themes. Girls will love the Pink Themed room.
2) You can make use of the buggy to “drop” you off at Pratunam Market.
3) Extremely near to Airport Rail Link (Rachaprarob Station) by taking a shortcut which leads to Baiyoke Boutique
4) Very good centralised location in Pratunam. All taxi drivers will know Baiyoke and hence you do not have to do much instructing  to get to your hotel

1) Weird smell in the toilet (you may want to get air fresheners).
2) Carpets not well maintained. Ants were seen on dressing table.
3) Cameras at corridors to catch additional pax in the rooms (don’t think of sneaking your friend in, you may get a fine)


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  • Good location, all taxi drivers know where it is
  • You can make use of the facilities in Baiyoke Sky Hotel, some at a discounted rate