Banana Banana is a hidden gem  in Siam Square, located on the 2nd level  of Lido Theater. Most of us usually walk around Level 1 and we won’t even go up to explore. I have to admit that I did not  even know about this place until one of my Thai friends told  me to check it out! They recently relocated to Siam Square Soi 3 as Lido Theater might be demolished.

This place is popular with Thai students who go to Lido Theater for movies as well as students from Chulalongkorn University.


Fried Banana [40฿] which comes with various dips (condensed milk, chocolate, strawberry and maple syrup). I love to dip it in the condensed milk!


Mummy Banana  [35฿] which is actually a mini spring roll with banana filling in it. The skin is ultra crispy so it’s good for those who like crispy stuff.


Banana Milkshake  [40฿], the best seller here. So bananalicious! If you want something more special, they have things like Banana Oreo too.


Buttermilk Banana [35฿], another best seller here. This is not fried so it would definitely attract those who doesn’t like fried stuff. The soft banana is  coated with sugar crystals and lightly torched before being served in buttermilk. So good!


There are many  more items here. I believe you should try everything if you have the stomach space. Everything is delicious but my ultimate favourites are  the Fried Banana, Buttermilk Banana and    Banana Milkshake!


A hidden and humble Banana snack shop which has been around for more than 20 years, you should really try it when shopping at Siam Square!

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Banana Banana (Bananax2)