Update: 15 Nov 2023

Beginning next month, the majority of international travellers departing from Suvarnabhumi Airport will have access to automated channels for a faster boarding experience.

Commander Pol Maj Gen Choengron Rimphadee, of Immigration Division 2, noted that at present, only those with Thai, Hong Kong, or Singaporean passports can utilize the automatic processing at Suvarnabhumi. (Despite the availability of these automated channels before the COVID period, there was no news regarding their resumption after borders reopened post-COVID. Now that this information is known, travellers can take advantage of these channels the next time they leave Suvarnabhumi Airport.)

The Airports of Thailand have plans to install additional automated channels at both Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports. This initiative is designed to enable the reassignment of officers, thereby hastening the processing of incoming travellers. (We also anticipate the resumption of automated channels for arrival clearance.)

Update: Jan 2023

The automated clearance hasn’t resumed since the covid-19 outbreak.

Bangkok’s airport has just implemented a new biometric system and that means there will be new procedures to take note off when you approach the immigration officer!


Here are the new steps you have to go through.


1) Present your passport to the officer.

2) Place 4 right fingers on the new biometric system

3) Place 4 left fingers on the new biometric system

4) Place both thumbs on the new biometric system

5) Prepare to take a photo and wait for your passport to be returned.  

Be prepared!

Getting into Bangkok is now easier for Singapore and Hong Kong citizens with the automated clearance at immigration.

It is currently only available at  Suvarnabhumi  Airport (BKK)

[Zone C] and  Don Mueang Airport  (DMK).

To use the automated clearance, you have to head to Zone C.  Do note that only 2 automated counters are allocated for foreigners (Singapore & Hong Kong citizens)  at the time of writing.

Here’s the step you have to go through.

[Before entering the automated gates]

1) Scan your passport

2) Scan your boarding pass

[After entering the automated gates]

3) Look at the camera to have your photo taken

4) Put your right finger onto the scanner to scan your fingerprint

[After exiting the automated gates]

5) Pass your passport for the immigration officer to double-check and stamp


That’s the 5 easy steps that you have to do when you are using the automated clearance.

However, at times, it might still be faster to use the traditional immigration clearance if there are no queues. So, do your ground check and make your own wise decision.