Bangkok Jam is a familiar household name for Thai food in Singapore. 2018 marks their 11th year and they recently launched their  new menu in March. In June, they opened a new outlet at Bugis+ which showcases a chic, bold and modern interior, beautiful for photos.


The outlet at Bugis+ features a new dessert bar and that means many more dessert choices for diners at Bugis+.

Having personally patronised Bangkok Jam many times over the years, they have been consistent with their quality of Thai food and it is definitely one of the better Thai restaurants in town providing authentic flavours. Of course, sometimes I wished for a bigger portion of serving for the price I’m paying.


Chicken in Green Curry  [S$12.90] – Green Curry is one of the favourites for Singaporeans. Despite being a simple dish, it is not really easy to get the flavours on point. You don’t have to worry about that in Bangkok Jam.


Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood  [S$11.90] – Pineapple Fried Rice is very popular in Singapore but not so in Thailand. The version at Bangkok Jam comes with “wok hei” and the good thing is that it’s not oily. I would have prefered a more flavourful and moist version though, but that’s my personal preference.

As mentioned earlier, Bugis+ features many more dessert  options and here they are!


Fried Prata  [S$7.90] – This is the MUST ORDER dessert here! This was also the crowd favourite. The prata is crispy and filled with Green Milk Tea Sauce which is a good twist!


Thai-Style Affogato  [S$9.90] – Pour the coffee over the vanilla ice cream and coconut milk and there you get a very potent dessert which will keep you awake and hungry.


Green with Envy  [S$9.90] – Snow Ice? Is this a Thai dessert? Not really but over here, they really try to give you more options. This is not bad as well, matcha lovers should try this.


Pining for Mango  [S$11.90] – If you are craving for more carbs, then you might want to go for waffles. It’s not the best waffle you can find in Singapore but it does the job. If you have a strong tolerance of sour, try this item.  It is drizzled with passionfruit and sweet coconut sauce.


Thai Milk Tea /  Chocolate Crepe Cake  [S$9.90] – They are definitely late to the game since the craze of this dessert already faded. A decent crepe cake but a little tweak in the ingredients will definitely  bring it up another level.


Creative Mix  [S$7.90] – You get your  usual Thai Milk Tea or Green Tea filled with various toppings such as grass jelly, ginger jelly, pearls, sweet potato jelly and pumpkin jelly. Do note that this is quite filling due to the number of ingredients in it. If you want to authentic flavours of the tea, you will be disappointed as the various jelly would have covered the flavours of the tea. But if you want a lot of bite and texture in your drink then this is probably a good option.

Anyway, there are a lot  more food options in Bangkok Jam that are not featured here. If you want the variety of dessert options then Bugis+ is the outlet that you should be headed to. I repeat, order the Fried Prata.

[Singapore] Bangkok Jam @ Bugis+

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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