Our FB Live Q&A on 19th May with Chris Huang (who returned from Singapore to Bangkok) has given a clear picture of how well Singapore is taking care of its returning citizens. Many might wonder what’s happening on the other side here in Thailand then?

You can watch the live Q&A here if you haven’t:

How is it like under state quarantine?

Join us as we speak to a passionate foodie in state quarantine who just returned to Singapore from Bangkok. We will be asking questions about his journey back to Singapore and also how is he coping with his Stay Home Notice. See you tomorrow, 19 May @ 3pm (SG) / 2pm (TH).

Posted by AroiMakMak on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

We are fortunate to have had an open sharing session with a friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) who recently-completed her 14-day state quarantine on 16th May 2020 upon her return to Bangkok from abroad. She stayed alone in a room in a 3-star residence equipped with cable tv, wifi and air-conditioning facilities.


These are other snippets from her experience:


  • No housekeeping service. No extra blankets were provided for change as well but two single beds were arranged so that the guest can sleep on the other bed during the second week of quarantine.
  • Broom and cleaning cloth were available for guest to self-clean the room if necessary.


  • No laundry service but the detergent and plastic wash basin were arranged in the room for guest to manually wash their clothes.

Food Delivery:

  • Food delivery from outside state quarantine was NOT allowed, so was cooked food sent by friends or family. The medical staff are afraid of contaminated food that could get the guests sick.
  • Guests can only eat cooked food provided by the hotel and request the hotel to buy snack (in sealed packages) from 7-11 like potato chips, wafer, Taro (crispy fish snack), instant noodles etc. All ordered snacks must be screened and approved by medical staff before sending to the guests.


  • 3 meals were served every day – Breakfast (7am), Lunch (11 am), Dinner (6 pm)

Physical checks:

  • No one came to knock the door or call direct to my room.
  • Communication was conducted via Line chat and Line voice call.


  • There were reminders to send our temperature twice a day (7am and 6pm) if we forgot to send it on time.
  • Guests have to take a picture of the figure on the thermometer with the key card indicating the room no. that we stay to Line group chat .

COVID-19 Swab Test:

  • 2 swab tests were conducted, 1st on the 5th day of stay and then on the 12th day of stay. Results were given after the quarantine period.


In summary, our friend gave 2 thumbs up when asked to rate her state quarantine experience, and casually mentioned that other friends returning from abroad and housed in other properties in the same period gave similar glowing reviews.

We hope this sheds some light on the state quarantine situation in Bangkok for those who might have had queries or are worried to return. Stay safe everyone!