How to Take?

Colourful taxis are seen everywhere in Bangkok. They come in bright colours of pink, blue, orange, green and yellow. You can flag any taxi which is  cruising or waiting, when you see that there is a  red illuminated light at the front window.

Rule #1

Don’t take a taxi which has its engine turned off, and the driver waiting outside, approaching you and asking where you want to go.

Rule #2

Flag one which is either cruising or queuing up together with all other taxis along the side of the road, with their engines on and the driver inside.

Rule #3

Tell them the place that you want to go before boarding. For example, if you are going to Siam Paragon, say this to the driver: “Bai (go to) Siam Paragon“.

Rule #4

If the driver is ok with your destination, ensure that they are ok to go by meter. Usually if they do not want to go by meter, they will quote you a fixed price after hearing your destination.

Rule #5

Don’t take a taxi which does not want to on their meter. Under the new law, it is illegal and they can be charged. Well, don’t waste your time. There are plenty of taxis in Bangkok. Just get the next one.

Rule #6

Some taxi driver may tell you that the place that you want to go is closed and suggest bringing you to another place where they can earn commission (especially Yaowarat, Somboon Seafood, RCA). Reject their offer, be persistent and stick to your destination.

Rule #7

Under the Thai Law, seat belts are compulsory for both drivers and front-seat passengers. So, please remember to belt up!

fyi: Tollway/Expressway Charge

Drivers will ask if you want to take the tollway. It will be faster to get to your destination since you will escape most of the jams. Tollway charge ranges from 25 to 45 Baht. You will have to pass the cash to the driver to pay first. It will not be included in your total fare.

fyi: Airport Surcharge

Take your taxi from the designated taxi counter. Any journey beginning from airport will incur an additional charge of  50 Baht on top of the 35 Baht flag-fare.

The Meter

This is how a typical meter in the taxi looks like. Pay only the figure on the middle of the meter. The other figures on the meter (i.e. time and distance) are just for your information. The flag-fare starts from 35 baht.
Taxi Meter Bangkok

Apps to Assist You

Apple App Store – Paid

Android Play Store – Free

iPhone App - Bangkok TaxiAndroid Samsung S4 App - Bangkok Taxi

Mobile Website – Free

Mobile App - Bangkok Taxi


Simple Thai Directions

Go to MBK (male/female)bâi MBK (kráp/kâ)
if taxi quotes you price, reject by saying “No”  mái ao
On Meter  chûay  chái  meter
Turn Left  líao  sáai
Turn Right  líao  kwăa
Go Straight  dtrong bpai  
Turn Left and Go Straight  líao  sáai  léaw-gâw  dtrong bpai
U-turn  glàp-rót
Stop Here  jòrt  tîi-nîi
How Much  tâo-rài