Dusit Thani Bangkok, an iconic legendary 5-star luxury hotel has close to 9 dining outlets and given a choice, I would definitely choose the Thai restaurant since I’m in Thailand. Moreover, the Thai restaurants always bring me surprises despite having tasted so many Thai foods. Benjarong is no exception.


Benjarong offers authentic Royal Thai cuisine in a contemporary flavour. Headed by Chef Morten Boejstrup Nielsen, he specialises in combining modern techniques with traditional flavour profiles to produce contemporary dishes that are distinctly Thai at heart.


You will definitely feel like a royalty in this restaurant.


This is such a beautiful view for dining. Do you agree?


While waiting for the dishes to be ready, here’s a fruity mocktail.

Tom Yum Popcorn is complimentary. When you first put into your mouth, it’s sweet and it slowly turns sour and spicy thereafter. Unique!


Po-Pia Goong [280฿] – The mega prawn spring roll is served with Sriracha mayo. It’s sure different to the normal spring roll that we are used to.


Yum Pla Duk Foo Deconstructed [390฿] – This is a must-order! It is basically a deconstructed version of crispy catfish salad and green mango with crabmeat and tom yum custard. 3-in-1?


So, you just have to pour the green mango into the tom yum custard, mix it all together and eat it. What a burst of flavours and textures all at once. In fact, one serving is a little too little.


Since you are already eating Tom Yum which is something spicy, it is good to go along with their special Tom Yum [360฿], (deconstructed) as well.

The tom yum soup is poured right in front of you so that you can appreciate and pure smell of it. The grilled prawns also give this dish an additional grilled flavour, which is delicious.


Pla Yang Samunprai  [470฿] – This grilled fish is wrapped in banana leaves filled with aromatic herbs. I felt that this dish could be better with more flavour.


Pad Thai [470฿] – Pad Thai is one of the best-sellers at Benjarong. This dish can’t go wrong, especially at such a posh restaurant. At such a price point, it had to be better than good and thankfully it was.


Kang Phed Ped Ob [450฿] – Red Curry with Roasted Duck and Lychee. What a combination. In fact, the lychee makes this dish even more unique with the sweetness of the lychee. You have to eat this with Thai rice, so good!

Dessert time!


Mango and Sticky Rice  [260฿] – This is probably the most interesting mango sticky rice I have ever seen. Using nitrogen for the ice, it makes use of modern techniques but yet able to retain all the original flavours of mango sticky rice. I’m impressed. You have to try it!


Basil Ice Cream with Fresh Pineapple & Salty Meringue  [210฿] – Feeling adventurous? Basil Ice Cream? In fact, this is a combination  well thought of because the fresh pineapple is able to cover the strong flavour of the basil. The basil flavour is not overpowering but eating too much of the ice cream can be a little too much. Thankfully the pineapple and salty meringue is able to perform their magic.


Benjarong will be relocated when Dusit Thani Bangkok cease operations in April 2018. At the same time, pillars such as this will be preserved and brought over to their new premises in 2022.

If you are looking for real good fine Royal Thai cuisine, check out Benjarong for some surprises.

[Bangkok] Benjarong Restaurant

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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