Other than cosmetics or shopping, Korea is also  well known for their fried chicken! This is probably quite evident as you can find all sorts of  fried chicken chains on every corner of the street. This time, we paid a visit to the BHC Chicken outlet in the heart of Hongdae where the streets are buzzing with young adults.


Found on the second floor, take a break from all that crazy  shopping and have some Fried Chicken and Beer. The outlet isn’t as crowded because it’s hidden away  and  is hardly noticeable especially with the flurry of people wandering in different directions around you. So it’s best to keep a lookout for the BHC Chicken sign located on the second level.



What I like about BHC Chicken would be their ordering system. As you enter into BHC Chicken, you will be given an empty bucket for you to put your beer bottles in. So you can take as many bottles as you want and pay up later on.


One thing to note is that it’s all self-service so you can help yourself to the fridge for a bottle of beer or you can also opt for their soft drinks or water which are also readily available in the fridge.


Moving on to the highlight of the meal!  We opted for the Cheese Sprinkled Chicken since it was one of the best sellers. As for the chicken, you can simply order for it over the counter and it will be served to you once it’s done, so you can enjoy it when it’s nice and hot.

The fried chicken batter was not too thick so you can fully taste the flavour of the sprinkled cheese and the freshness of the chicken. It’s also not too oily so you won’t get sick of eating the chicken halfway through the meal. The cheese powder also tastes a bit sweet and when mixed with the savoury chicken, the flavours went  really well together. My favourite from BHC!


Besides the Cheese Sprinkled Chicken, we also ordered the Original Spicy Chicken that is also another favourite at BHC Chicken. I really like how the spices don’t overpower the flavour of the chicken and the consistency is the same as the Cheese Chicken. It’s also not that spicy and  very much  bearable.


The fried chicken was also served with sides such as chilli, mayo sauces and pickled radish.

In my opinion, I feel that BHC Chicken is one of the best fried chicken joints in Korea especially when there are so many fried chicken chains in the country. If you’re one who likes food that’s spicy but not too overly spicy or if you’re looking for something with a lot of flavours to choose from, then BHC Chicken is just for you. On top of these two flavours mentioned in this post, there are other flavours including the Fried Curry Chicken Flavour which is relatively new to the menu. Neomu Mashiseoyo!

[Seoul] BHC Chicken