The Birder’s Lodge is an extremely popular cafe in Khao Yai. People flock here because of its beauty!


The whole cafe is very aesthetically pleasing with a very minimalistic industrial theme.


You are bound to take a whole bunch of pictures here.




Mocha. I liked their coffee, it was not too bitter and not to sweet.


Thai Kway Teow. Similar to Pad Thai, the Thai Kway Teow is a favourite traveller’s option when it comes to ordering Thai food. The Birder’s Lodge Thai Kway Teow is flavourful and of a nice chewy consistency.


This salad bowl comes together with the salmon and you are suppose to eat them together.


You can also have the salmon alone with the sauce.


Fish and Chips. I found their fish and chips a little bland. I did, however like the texture of the fish, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.


I would describe this as a Thai Aglo Olio. I was not very used to the taste of this Thai pasta and I also found it a little too dry.


Pizza. The pizza was as good as it gets to me. Crispy crust, stringy cheese, some meat, some mushrooms, some pineapple, I loved it. I would definitely order a pizza again.


The chocolate cake was really the cherry on top. I loved it. The consistency and density of the cake was perfect. This was definitely the best dessert dish I had in Khao Yai.


The Birder’s Lodge also has breakfast. This is the American Breakfast.

If you are staying in one of The Birder’s Lodge’s tiny houses, you can also opt for a picnic basket to be delivered to your house where you will get the ingredients to cook your own breakfast in your tiny kitchen.

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