Our ever-popular article now comes with a video! Enjoy as the writer of the viral article, Yong, brings us around Charoenkrung herself!

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Our new series, BKK District Guide, shows you the hidden beauty in different neighbourhoods in Bangkok. Here are the featured eateries in this video:

#1 Prachak Roasted Duck

Recommended Items:

Prachak - Roasted Duck Rice
Roasted Duck

Opening Hours: Daily: 8am – 8:30pm

#2 Sanyod Chinese Restaurant

Recommended Items:

Mixed Roasted Meat & Rad Na

Opening Hours: Daily: 9am – 8pm

#3 Joke Prince

Recommended Items:


Opening Hours: Daily: 6am – 1pm; 3pm – 9pm

#4 Ocharos

Recommended Items:

Fried Braised Intestines & Fried Squid

Opening Hours: Daily: 5:30pm – 3am

#5 Sweet Pista

Recommended Items:

Coconut Cake & Orange Cake

Opening Hours: Daily: 10:30am – 9pm (Closed on Monday)

 #6 Tropic City

Recommended Items:

Refreshing cocktails

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 6pm – 11pm (Closed on Sunday & Monday)

#7 Jua

Recommended Items:

Corn Butter Bacon, Chicken Wings & Yellowtail Collar

Opening Hours: Daily: 5pm – 11pm

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations. Stay tuned for more!