Have some time to spare? Or are you thinking of spending some leisurely time around Hongdae? Pop by B.Lab to freshen up your nails at this DIY Nail Cafe! Unlike many other nail salons, B.Lab incorporates the concept of a nail salon  and a cafe all under one roof! What’s more interesting is that you don’t have to book an appointment to do your nails because you can do it all by yourself while sipping on a cuppa!


As we leisurely walked around Hongdae, we came across  this little gem when we noticed the signboard above. The concept of a ‘Self Nail Cafe’ did spark our interest as we’ve not seen anything similar in Singapore.


Hidden amongst the row of shops in the streets, this tiny cafe is located on the second level of the building.


Upon entering  the cafe, we were  warmly greeted by the staff and she was really helpful in settling us in.


Before starting on our nails, we had to order a drink which came with the nail starter kit.  There was quite a range of drinks offered at the cafe: different types of coffee, tea, juices, flatccino and alcoholic coffee drinks.


There were also instructions to indicate how the ordering system works, both in Korean and English.


Iced Americano (5,000₩) –  The flavour of the Iced Americano was not as strong as I thought it would be as it was quite diluted. Nonetheless, it was worth it since I could do my nails for free after ordering my drink! To do your nails, you will have to order a drink.

NailCafe_StarterKit NailCafe_StarterKit3

After the drinks were served, the nail kit will then be prepared on your table. The nail kit consisted of the basic cuticle pusher, nail buffer, nail polish remover and hand disinfectant. In addition, it comes with a gelish base and top coat and a gelish UV nail lamp to cure the gel on your nails after every coat.


What amazed me the most was their nail corner which had a wide range of nail products available for us to choose from!


As seen from above, they have nail polish that came in all sorts of colours. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.


NailCafe_Embellishments2 NailCafe_Embellishments

Additionally, you can pay a little more to get some tools for your nail care or even other embellishments to add on top of your manicure!


I chose the Chrome Pigment Powder, which costs an additional 5,000â‚© more. I really liked the range that was offered at the cafe as some of them are really hard to find in Singapore. It was really affordable too, as compared to getting the same manicure six times the price at other nail salons. And if you really like the embellishments, you can also purchase them separately so that you can bring them home for other nail projects!

NailCafe_Interior3 NailCafe_Interior4

There are also seats by the window for customers to settle in and blankets are provided so that you can cover your  clothes to prevent stains while painting your nails or keep yourself warm in the cold! We visited the cafe in the afternoon and the spring breeze really sealed the experience.


The cafe is child-friendly too! They do provide toys for kids to play with while you do your nails. Bonus points!


Not to mention, it’s also a common thing for girls to bring their partners here to do their manicure for them. So you can add this into your itinerary if you’d like to experience what it’s like for you to be pampered and have your partner to paint your nails for you!

[Seoul] B.LAB Nail Cafe (뷰랩 셀프네일 까페)

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