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Bread and Espresso – If You’re a French Toast Lover, You Must Visit Here!

By China Kawamura

Bread and Espresso is one of the more popular cafes among cafe hoppers in Japan. I first came across this cafe when I was scouring through my instagram feed, and one of my favourite cafe hoppers was having his breakfast there. Thereafter, it became the cafe destination I needed to check out before I left Tokyo.


This little cafe is hidden in an alley near the Apple Store at Omotesando. It’s a warm environment with very friendly staff. It made me almost forget that I was actually in one of the most busiest areas in Tokyo.



My friends and I decided to sit inside at first, but the weather outside was so nice that we eventually decided to go sit at the long table outside instead.


This time, we ordered the famous french toast (¥700), which is served from 3:00 pm ~, along with espresso (¥400). The freshly made french toast was so fluffy and it tasted really good with the honey.


The espresso was aromatic and little fruity.


Lastly, the cafe also provides various freshly made baked goods as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to buy one this time because I was very full with the french toast. But I am definitely going to buy one next time I come by!

[Tokyo] Bread and Espresso

China Kawamura

China Kawamura

Chinakawa is a half Thai-Japanese, born and raised in Bangkok. Now, she is based in Tokyo as a full time student, and a part time cafe hopper. In her free time, she enjoys going to museums, chilling at the park and taking photos. She is passionate in hunting for good food. Distance and obstacles are never problems for her when it comes to eating!

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