Breeze Spa’s only branch in Bangkok is located in Amari Watergate Bangkok.


This is the most special and personalised spa I have ever encountered. Why  do  I say that? It’s because your massage is determined based  on your mood and current situation of your body.


You actually fill up the form with some questions on your preference and the therapist will go through them and then recommend you the kind of massage that you should take based on your body condition. Of course, you have the final say on which kind of treatment you want.


Before you enter for your massage, drink a shot of “Breeze Fruit Juice” – Passion Fruit, Lemon and Pineapple.


The thing about going to hotel spas for massage. Although it’s more expensive, it’s usually more personalised and you get treated as VIP. And of course it will  be guaranteed that your massage is of quality where you can sense effort and sincerity. It’s unlike those cheap street side massage where many just massage for the sake of doing it.



After your massage, you will be served tea which matches the mood of your treatment. For mine, I had Vanilla Jasmine Tea and Mango Macaroons. What a sweet ending indeed.