Khlong San Plaza is one of the few authentic markets left in Bangkok, still relatively  untouched by tourists.


The items sold  here are mostly catered to locals and the designs are usually very simple. They are not as fanciful as what you get in Pratunam or Platinum Fashion Mall.


But there’s something here which is very delicious!


Bua Loi! This is a Thai style dessert and basically you get colourful mini rice balls served with coconut cream.



It’s not easy to find this dessert nowadays and the reason why this stall stands out is because they have been around for 20 years.


khlongsanplaza-bualoi3 khlongsanplaza-bualoi6

The colouring for the mini rice balls are made from natural ingredients using things like butterfly pea, carrot and pumpkin.


The bowl is then topped with coconut cream which gives the dish  a salty aftertaste. If you like, you can even add eggs or salted eggs, which this shop does a great job of!


Here’s a closeup of the ingredients inside. Each bowl costs just 20-25 baht and I can say that one bowl is never enough for me because it’s just so delicious!


To get back to the other side of Bangkok, you will have to take the ferry again because it’s the most convenient mode of transport, avoiding all the jams in the city.

[Bangkok] Bua Loi Khai Khem