Update: March 2020

Bun Meat and Cheese is back, this time at The Commons Saladaeng!

Update: September 2019

Bad news for burger lovers, because Bun Meat and Cheese (of Homeburg fame) had ended their 6 months pop up at 72 Courtyard. They will now be temporarily closed till they find a new location. Stay tuned and we will bring you the latest updates once we have them.

In 2018, a burger from Bangkok went viral online. It is called Homeburg and they had a waiting list of up to 4 months! The long wait became more palatable once we knew that Homeburg only served 4 burgers per night to 4 different individuals.


Well, why did owner Taiki Tsubota only serve 4 burgers per night? It’s due to his insistence to make each burger personally chef-table-style one by one, the same way he would make for himself. This would ensure the quality and consistency of his burgers. Plus, he is precise down to the finest details, hence we like to call this the perfectionist burger. At Homeburg, you pay what you feel it’s worth, so there’s no fixed price for the burgers. With such a high demand and limited supply, not many will be able to taste the best burgers in town. Thankfully, Taiki opened Bun Meat and Cheese.


Bun Meat and Cheese serves 100 burgers per day, a big increase from the previous 4 at Homeburg. This means that more people will have the chance to taste the perfectionist burger from Taiki (though one must realise that it’s not easy to replicate completely the Homeburg execution at 25 times the production quantity).

Bun Meat and Cheese is currently doing a 6-month pop-up at 72 Courtyard located in Thonglor.


Here’s the procedure to get your burger at Bun Meat and Cheese:

Step 1: Take queue ticket number
Step 2: Staff will tell you the time to place order
Step 3: After ordering, waiting time for the burger is 15 minutes

You might be asking, what’s so special about this burger?

Bun – The brioche bun is baked fresh daily and is grilled to achieve a fluffy bite and a perfect crunchy edge.

Patty – The juicy patty is made from 3 different cuts of the beef.

Everything cooking step is timed and measured to ensure that you get the same “perfect” burger every time.


We felt that this burger was very easy to eat and it isn’t messy to deal with. Burger lovers will know that it’s often a messy affair eating gourmet burgers but that wasn’t the case at Bun Meat and Cheese. Sauce lovers might feel that the burger lacks something, but Taiki wants us to properly taste the different elements, so the usage of sauce has been minimized.


Fresh vegetables are available on the side (take-as-you-wish) so that they do not steam and shrivel inside the hot burger.

Come and try it for yourself!


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