Cabochon Hotel & Residence is a 5 star boutique hotel located along Sukhumvit Road, Soi 45. Despite being located at the busy Sukhumvit Road, Cabochon is tucked right at the end of the short Soi, making this place very private and quiet.


Cabochon Hotel seeks to recapture the Shanghai chic of yesteryear in Bangkok.  The Walpole Building may look like a old heritage building, but in actual fact, it is a brand new building  conceptualized to recreate the Shanghai chic of the 1920s.

Cabochon Hotel - Facade

This unique boutique hotel boasts only 4 Suites and 4 Studios all personally appointed by Eugene Yeh of The Eugenia fame.

Cabochon Hotel - Breakfast Lounge

This is the Joy Luck Club which houses Eugene’s private collection of antiques .

Cabochon Hotel - Coconut Juice

Check-in is a breeze. Just hand over your passport and all will be settled for you. All you have to do is just to sit back, relax and enjoy the complimentary coconut juice.


Thankfully, this “colonial-style” building has a lift to bring you to your rooms, despite being only 4-storeys high.

Cabochon Hotel - Hallway

The hallway consists of a table with some decorations.

Cabochon houses 4 Studios and 4 Suites and in this post, we will be featuring the Cabochon Suite.

Cabochon Hotel - Room

Entering the suite, it surely brings your back to yesteryear with the wooden floorings and decorations. I must applaud the staff for the attention of details here and everything is just so neat and tidy!

Cabochon Hotel - Room

Just look at the bedsheets? Aren’t they so neat?

Cabochon Hotel - Room

A working desk with a very comfy chair, facing the greenery.

Cabochon Hotel - Room

Over at the living room, you have a big sofa, dining table to just chill out and relax. If you want to watch the TV, just open up the cupboard, the TV is hidden inside.

Cabochon Hotel - RoomCabochon Hotel - Room

The toilet is well hidden beside the wardrobe and I had difficulty finding it at  first. I went around the suite and just couldn’t find the toilet.

Cabochon Hotel - Bathroom

Even the toilet is recreated to be colonial in style.

After enjoying your room,  head  out to explore the facilities provided by Cabochon.


When entering Cabochon, you would have seen several antique cars parked in the parking bay. Those are actually Eugene’s private collection of cars.


And above the parking bay is a rooftop garden, one of the good places to chill out and watch the sunset.

Cabochon Hotel - Swimming Pool

A must visit is the rooftop swimming pool. They provide towels and mineral water here.

Cabochon Hotel - Swimming Pool

I just love this rooftop swimming pool. An extremely quiet place for me to relax.

Cabochon Hotel - Sunset

And also to watch the sunset in the evening.

Cabochon Hotel - Facade Night

At night, when Cabochon is lit, its unique charm is even more evident.

For dining, visit “Thai Lao Yeh Restaurant” which serves  Thai cuisine and less well-known Chiang-mai, E-San, and Laotian dishes.

Cabochon Hotel - Thai Lao Yeh RestaurantCabochon Hotel - Kitchen

For breakfast, just head to the Joy Luck Club and you will be given a menu to choose your ala-carte breakfast.

Cabochon Hotel - Breakfast

They also have a small buffet spread for the guests of 8 rooms.

Cabochon Hotel - Breakfast

Although everything seems like yesteryear, they do provide Cable TV, Wi-Fi connection and VoIP/SIP telephones for you to stay in touch with the outside world, only if you so wish.

Want something different, want something new yet old, elegant and luxurious? You have  to try Cabochon.

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A colonial experience yet everything is new. An extremely quiet and private place to stay.

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= Conclusion

I like the private experience here and that if provides you the feel of yesteryear with the new furnishings. If you want some peace and want a whole new experience, this is a place you may want to consider. A must visit is the rooftop swimming pool!