Cafe at Ease is a new cafe in Bangkok which opened its doors in May 2014. This is in fact the latest addition to the cafe scene of Bangkok. It is conveniently located in Soi Kasemsan  2, just a 5 minute walk from BTS National Stadium.

Cafe at Ease is opened by Monrissa, a  young and sophisticated Thai fashion designer. So, not only can you have some afternoon tea, snacks or pastries, you can also take a look at the beautiful designed clothing at her boutique just at the back of the cafe.


As you enter the cafe, as the name suggested, it sets you at ease. There are lots of greenery, the deco is modern and simple and it definitely feels cosy here. Their aim is to  create a Zen-inspired space where visitors can  fully let go of all the stresses of the fast-paced modern life.


Seats are quite limited here, especially air-conditioned seats. There is a seat right at the cafe center and the other one is located inside the boutique. However fret not as fans are provided for ventilation in the semi-outdoor area.


The artworks  are actually available for sale!


And now, time for some food and drinks!

Signature Smiley Thai Iced Tea [125฿++] – This is sweet, creamy yet silky. And the interesting part would be the smiley face on top. Initially I thought that it was white chocolate, however it turned out to be ice made from milk and condensed milk! Interesting!

Signature Smiley Ice Chocolate  [125฿]  – This is thick and full of chocolate and sweet. Very filling but please remember to gulp down lots of water after drinking this.


Other than the signature drinks, they are also popular for tea and they have various tea leaves for you to choose. Tea here is  served in glass pots and so you can see the tea leaves and your tea changing colour.


They will also be bringing in coffee machines soon to cater to crowds who likes coffee.

Ease Chicken Wings marinated in Cola  [115฿++]  – An interesting dish to be done with cola, however the flavour of cola is not that strong and perhaps the chicken could be marinated longer for the marinade to be absorbed into the chicken.

Grilled Eringi Mushroom and Cheese Sandwich  [145฿++] – A healthier alternative for those who do not want to take meat.

Passionfruit Tart  [120฿++]  – A refreshing yet sweet and sour pastry.

They have another signature tart, which is called Chocolate Memories Cake  [150฿++]. Do check it out!

Jelly Cheesecake [35฿++ / piece] – Jelly cheesecakes seems to be in the in-thing now! This is great for those who want a small portion of a light dessert.

The food presentation here is well done and they have put in effort to make it beautiful so that it is picture worthy in Instagram or Facebook. Food on the other hand is alright but perhaps more tweaking the ingredient a little will make it perfect, both in taste and presentation.

That’s for the food portion of Cafe at Ease. Now, walking to the back to the cafe, you  will be able to see the boutique.
This is the new collection of “Skin on Skin”. Monrissa’s creations uses fabrics that are very comfortable and light on the body, and just by looking at it, it does look that way.

Like the artworks seen on the wall, you can purchase these  too!


Aren’t  these earrings interesting?

cafeatease-monrissaThis is Monrissa donning her own creation!

+ Like

Nice deco that is relaxing, excellent food presentation.

– Dislike

Air-conditioned seating area is small but thankfully there are lots of fans for the non air-conditioned area.

= Conclusion

A new addition to the cafe scene in Bangkok, located near to Siam but at the same time, a quieter side that lets you relax, leaving worries in the city.