Camel Republic is the latest theme park to open in Cha-Am. It is inspired by modern Moroccan architectural style and it is actually a mini zoo and amusement park.


Here’s a picture of the entrance with my rented car. Matching colours isn’t it?


Over here, you can take photos with animals (camels, giraffes, goats, birds, etc).

camelrepublic-feedingcamelArabian Camel.  You can choose to hand-feed the animals but at an additional cost of (20฿ for food) for each of the animals.

camelrepublic-goatAngora Goat


camelrepublic-name3Macaws (Parrot). Their claws are sharp, you can feel it when they land on your hands.


The amusement rides here are also more thrilling than the nearby theme parks but again at an additional cost (from 120฿).

camelrepublic-name5Flying Macaw

camelrepublic-name6MIDI Dance

camelrepublic-name8Drop Twist

camelrepublic-name9Eagle Zipline

camelrepublic-name7Pony Cycle


If you want to fly, don’t miss out “Sky Fly”, the only sky-diving simulator in Thailand, and it’s outdoors! Thrilling enough?


Love soft toys? You can bring some animals back here!


If you are interested to know about the animals and the rides, do check out their website at the link below.

Once again, if you are not into photo taking (taking shots of yourself with the animals) or thrill rides, I suggest you skip this place.