Accommodation in Korea can be a little tough to find especially when you’re planning to stay near town on a budget. With the rising hotel rates, the next option people seeking accommodation  would opt for would be guesthouses. Not only do they have  dorm rooms for backpackers, they can accommodate families, couples and groups of friends as well!

In a busy district like Myeong-dong, we managed to find an affordable yet stylish place for our accommodation. We were definitely taken by surprise!



CASA Myeongdong Guesthouse is located a stone’s throw away from Myeongdong and can be found on the 7th and 8th floor of the building. Keep a lookout for their signboard right outside the premises!


The main lobby is found on the 8th floor where you can do your check-in.


The standard check-in time for most guesthouses start from 3pm so if you arrive early, you can request to leave your bags with the front desk and they will keep it for you while you take a stroll along the streets of Myeongdong to shop.


There are also more rooms found on the 7th floor as well.



The reception area can be found right as you enter the lobby on the 8th floor.


Conveniently, there is also a place where you can surf the net for free as well. This spot is located right beside the check-in desk and it’s also near the pantry area.



CASA Myeongdong also provides free breakfast from 7.30am to 10am every day as well, so you won’t have to worry about going hungry in the morning.


Choose from a selection of breakfast options from toast with spread to cereal! If you would prefer something different, you can always just step out of the building and  you’ll have a wide  range of food options to choose from the different eateries, bakeries and cafes!


There is also a section beside the pantry area where you can find  maps and guides to help plan out your itinerary for the day in Seoul.



I really liked the concept of Casa Myeongdong as they managed to keep the design simple and minimalist with their monochromatic shades.

Laundry Corner


There is also a place where guests can do their laundry. The washroom for guests staying in the dorms can also be found right around the laundry corner too.

Cabin-Style Dorm (~29,000â‚©/night)


If you’re on a tight budget or if you’re always on the go, you can opt to stay at the dorm rooms at CASA Myeongdong with rates ranging around 29,000â‚©! However, there’s one  important  thing to note – these dorms are for  female guests only.


In your bunk, you’ll have your own cabinet to put your personal belongings for safekeeping. It comes with a lock so your items can be  safely kept.

Economy Double Room (80,000â‚©~/night)


The Economy Double Room is a room suited for those  who’re looking for a private place to stay at night after  spending the rest of the day out. It fulfills the basic requirements  of a traveller – a bed, fridge, toilet, and storage.


The toilets in CASA Myeongdong are all the same. They provide basic toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner and towels as well.

Standard Double Room (85,000â‚©/night)


What differentiates the Standard Double Room from the Economy Double Room is the presence of the windows. At the Standard Double Room, you’ll be able to enjoy a bedside view of Myeongdong. The sunlight from the outside  adds a fresh touch to the room.



There is also storage at the bottom of the bed for you to keep your luggage to maximise the space in the room.

Twin Room (85,000â‚©~/night)


The Twin Room doesn’t have a window but it has two single beds! The brick walls in the room blend really well with the other furniture in the room and it’s perfect if you’re planning to stay with your friends or family.

Duplex Twin Room (85,000â‚©~/night)


The Duplex Twin Room is also another option you can consider if you are  staying with your friends or family as it offers more space for you to put your items and luggage. There are 2 different types of rooms for this Duplex Twin Room; one with and one without windows.


This Duplex Twin Room offers a nice view of Myeongdong and has really great lighting. You can also opt for some privacy by rolling down the blinds too.  CASA_duplex2

I stayed in the Duplex Twin Room and I personally enjoyed the amount of space for myself. The sheets and pillows were really clean and super comfortable. It feels absolutely amazing especially after a long tiring day out shopping and eating.

Triple Room (120,000â‚©~/night)



The Triple Room is also best catered for friends or small families. The amount of space is sufficient enough for all to fit, and definitely comfortable.


At CASA Myeongdong  you’ll be able to find a built-in TV in every private room!

Family Room (150,000â‚©/night)


The family room is also catered to bigger families so you won’t have to book 2 separate rooms for your accommodation. It comes with two queen-sized beds for you and your family members to sleep comfortably in.


Deluxe Double Room (95,000â‚©~/night)


This room is limited in quantity because they only have one of such a  room. Rates are a bit higher than the rest but it’s definitely worth splurging because it’s absolutely beautiful. As you enter into the room, you’ll notice the beautiful tiled floor across the entrance. Of course, this room, as compared to the others, will have more space for you to walk around in.


The backdrop of the room is also in an all-white tile design. I really like the concept of the room because of the minimalist and simple look. The furniture is  placed for optimum space efficiency.


Another thing to add about this room is that it is the only room  that comes with a heated toilet seat!

CASA Myeongdong is definitely a place you should consider staying in if you’re  a traveller on a relatively low budget who doesn’t want to compromise on  comfort.

What I like most about this beautiful guesthouse is how clean it is and as well as how it is conveniently located in the heart of Myeongdong. This makes shopping twice as easy because you can literally go back to your room to drop all your bags and continue shopping without having to worry about lugging it around for the whole day!

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