Gone are the days where you have to change a large amount of money before going on your holiday because, with the advancement in technology, we can now afford to go cashless! Which better app to use in Bangkok than Singtel Dash? All you require is just your mobile phone and you are ready to go? We believe you will be asking how and where to use the app! Read on!

But before that, here’s why we encourage you to use Singtel Dash with VIA!

  • Attractive FX Rates
  • Convenient (go cashless)
  • 5% cashback*


Firstly, you have to download the Singtel Dash app and activate your account. Top up some cash and you are ready to go!

Here are some examples where you can go cashless VIA Singtel Dash!

Bangkok Skytrain System (BTS)


The population in Bangkok is huge and you literally will see long queues at every BTS stations in the city.


Don’t you wish you can cut the queue and get your ticket immediately without having to queue up to change coins? You can now simply using QR Code with the SingTel Dash app!



Do you love shopping at Naraya? The deal is even sweeter now because you can get a free Naraya pouch* when you pay with Singtel Dash with VIA!


Let’s Relax Spa


If you haven’t tried Thai Massage before, you don’t know what you are missing out! A car requires servicing every once in a while and it’s the same for our bodies. One place we recommend is Let’s Relax Spa because they have many outlets around Bangkok and they are a proper establishment with a good masseuse and clean and comfortable setting for your massage treatments!

After You


We can’t emphasise enough that you have to try out this extremely popular and delicious Shibuya Thick Toasts from After You. They are so irresistible! Don’t like carbs? Try their Strawberry Kakigori with a hidden cheesecake underneath the silky ice And of course, when you pay with Singtel Dash with VIA, you get an additional Royal Thai Milk Tea*!

Night Market


What! You can even use cashless payment in a night market! Yes, there are some shops that support these cashless payments and we even use it to get our coconut water! It’s a must-drink in Bangkok because it’s so sweet and thirst quenching for the hot weather in Bangkok!


Thai Favourites


If you want to escape the long queues at Big C, why not head to Thai Favourites? You can get all the popular Thai snacks which every tourist purchase and bring back home!


To make a payment, simply look out for these logos. Either you or the merchant will scan the QR code and you are ready to go off after the transaction went through!

We hope to see you Shop and Dine with Singtel Dash with VIA! Remember to look out for the 4 logos to pay at over 1.6 million stores in Thailand!

* – Promotional deals are subject to change. Please check Singtel Dash app for more information